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Essential Futures: Women Farmers

This workshop will focus on the need to re-imagine the future of farming in relation to women's work on and off the farm here and around the world. The speakers will highlight current disruptions of climate, and the challenges of race/ethnicities/national origin, class, gender, and health that are evident locally, nationally, and globally in economies and ecologies of agriculture. It will identify ways to rethink farming in view of current political economic and ecological disruptions. The intent is to highlight communities designated as ‘minorities’ and ‘people of color’ but who are really part of an essential majority. The session will feature women who are actively engaged in rethinking farming futures, as evident in their lived experiences, to survive and/or become food sovereignty advocates.

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Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty
E | 10:00am PT

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Jan 20 2021 to Jan 23 2021



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