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Farming in the Time of Covid-19: Lessons Learned for Climate Resilience

Farmers and ranchers — declared essential workers during the pandemic — pivoted their markets, sought federal aid, and adopted new safety protocols to protect workers, many of whom are disproportionately vulnerable to COVID. On top of these challenges, climate impacts continue to hit in the form of wildfires, droughts, and more extreme weather. Join three growers from across the country to listen and share in this interactive session that will ask: What do these challenges reveal about the vulnerabilities in our agricultural system? What are the characteristics of farms that survive challenges such as the pandemic or climate disasters? What policies and practices do farming businesses need to not only continue to function but also to become more resilient and adaptable?

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Business, Labor, Land, Regulations
F | 11:45am PT

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Jan 20 2021 to Jan 23 2021



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