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How Storytelling Can Transform Your Business and the Regenerative Movement

It’s hard to remember information but easy to remember stories. It’s how we’re wired. Put this force in your hands by joining Jessie Gardner from the Farmer’s Footprint and Olivia Watkins from the Black Farmer Fund for an interactive workshop teaching about the power of storytelling for business development.
In this participatory workshop, learn why storytelling is your best asset, how to tell your story, and how to strategically use that story to grow your business and move the needle within the regenerative movement. Together, we will workshop the pillars of your story, understand the top marketing channels for your specific goals, and make a plan of how to get your story out into the world. You will leave this workshop inspired with practical strategies and an outline for telling your story in an engaging way.

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Sierra Harvest

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Business, Labor, Land, Regulations
E | 10:00am PT

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