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Mapping the Future: Decolonizing Food & Medicine

Keynote speaker Dr. Rupa Marya proposes a workshop to examine the fundamental understandings of decolonizing food and medicine, starting with practices that return land to the indigenous caregivers and reframe our relationships as settlers who tend land and the health of our communities. They will examine the framework and logistics of the #LandBack movement, the power of agricultural cooperatives and the need to grow more farmers in urban spaces, to enhance food security while enlivening the vital connection between the soil microbiome and the gut microbiome. Corrina Gould is a Lisjan Ohlone matriarch, and is co-founder of Sogorea Te' Land Trust and Indian People Organizing for Change. Darcie Houck is a tribal lawyer of Mohawk/Ottawa descent working closely with the California Energy Commission. Benjamin Fahrer is an ecological farmer and designer vastly expanding urban agricultural systems.

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Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty
G | 11:30am PT

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