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Native Land Management on Organic Farms

As climate change becomes a more and more tangible reality, there is increased scrutiny on conventional land management practices and the consumptive model that’s been the norm. Join indigenous presenters Maya Harjo and Grayson Coney to discuss native land management strategies and practical wisdom for farmers in this time of transition. Harjo is the Foodways Director for Native Land and Coney is a horticulturalist from the Tsai Akim Maidu tribe. As we move toward a more regenerative model of agriculture, indigenous perspectives, skills and techniques are essential for this shift. Gain a better understanding of the ecosystem of your farm and broaden your perspective in this thought-provoking session.

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Sierra Harvest

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Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials
E | 10:00am PT

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Jan 20 2021 to Jan 23 2021



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