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Organic Pioneers and the Future of Real Organic

Tuesday, January 19, 1 - 4pm PT


The time has come for organic farmers to come together to protect the meaning of organic. Join many of the pioneering farmers of the organic movement as they discuss why the organic industry is in need of a course correction and what we must do to bring it back home to its roots. Gain a greater understanding of why many organic farmers are fighting to reclaim the word "Organic" from lobbyists and industrial agricultural corporations. Explore the connections between healthy soil, climate, and nutrition to shed light on why we need greater transparency in food labels and the importance of farmers to lead the way. 

Speakers: Pre-recorded conversations with Leah Penniman (author of Farming While Black), Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, Congressman Patrick Leahy, Eliot Coleman (author of The New Organic Grower), Emily Oakley, Karen Washington, Eric Sideman, Joan Dye Gussow (author of This Organic Life), Francis Thicke, Fred Kirschenmann (author of Cultivating an Ecological Conscience), Jesse Buie, David Mortensen, Stuart Hill (author of Ecological Pioneers), Alice Waters (author of Coming To My Senses), Paul Muller, Dru Rivers, JM Fortier (author of The Market Gardener), Anne Ross, Alan Lewis, Peter Whoriskey (journalist for The Washington Post), Anais Beddard, Hugh Kent, Linley Dixon, Dave Chapman, Onika Abraham, Will Allen (author of The War On Bugs), Arran Stephens, and many more. 

Panelists: Live question and answer sessions with Paul Muller (Full Belly Farm), Linley Dixon (Adobe House Farm), Steve Sprinkel (Farmer and the Cook and Rancho del Pueblo), Dave Chapman (Long Wind Farm), and Rosie Burroughs (Burroughs Family Farm).

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