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Workshops & Keynotes

Conference Year: 2021


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Session: A | 1:30pm PT

Untold History: Asian Farmers in California

Asians and Asian-American farmers have played and continue to play a significant role in the...
Presenter(s): Al Baguio, Robina Bhatti, Larry Hirahara
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Land & Succession - Challenges & Solutions for Black Farmers

Black farmers in the US are faced with unique challenges surrounding land succession and ownership...
Presenter(s): Savonala "Savi" Horne
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Container and Community Gardening for the Masses!

Container and community gardening is all the rage. This exposé on container gardens will cover the...
Health, Community, Education, Policy

Reconnecting Markets & Finding New Ways to Feed Communities During COVI...

The COVID-19 crisis disrupted markets for farmers across California, jeopardizing livelihoods and...
Presenter(s): Kelly Hansen, Ana Victoria Salcido
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Todos somos semillas: Huertos de producción de semillas para que germinemos

En el contexto de la pandemia vemos la necesidad de proteger la semilla nativa frente al avance...
Presenter(s): Gabriela Valeria Villavicencio Valdez
En Español / In Spanish

Navigating Soil Health Planning for Sustainable Organic Production

It is now well known that healthy, living soils are the core of a sustainable and successful farm...
Presenter(s): Klaas Martens, April Thatcher, Haley Baron
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

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Session: B | 3:00pm PT

Racism is Killing the Planet: Centering Racial Equity in Activism and Polic...

In a 2020 article by this same title, Hop Hopkins explains, “You can’t have climate change without...
Presenter(s): Hop Hopkins, Julia Jordan
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

How and Why Should Certifiers Address the NOP Requirements for Biodiversit...

Even though the National Organic Program (NOP) requires it, growers benefit from it, and consumers...
Presenter(s): Sean Feder, Jessica Shade, Peter Martinelli
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

How to Build A Farm Budget in 10 Steps

The only way to achieve profitability at a sustainable level on the farm is to plan for it! Join...
Presenter(s): Rebecca Frimmer
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Ciudades verdes y menos vulnerables

En los últimos años la agricultura urbana ha ganado notoriedad y se está expandiendo rápidamente en...
Presenter(s): Amaya Carrasco Torrontegui, María A. Juncos
En Español / In Spanish

Black Gold Rush: Dirty Little Secrets about Soil Carbon Sequestration

As policy initiatives and economic incentives begin to reward growers for soil carbon sequestration...
Presenter(s): Jeff Mitchell, Sarah Tiffany, Jessica L. Chiartas
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Integrating Seed Production into a Commercial Farm

One hundred years ago virtually all farmers grew seed. Today seed production is a very specialized...
Presenter(s): Sebastian Aguilar, Dan Brisebois, Theresa Podoll, Clif Slade
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

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Session: Keynote | 4:30pm PT

Keynote: Reimagining Our Future

Wednesday, January 20, 4:30-6:15 pm PT The year 2020 has been the year of crisis piling on top of...
Presenter(s): Marcia Ishii, Marion Nestle, Jose Oliva, Saru Jayaraman

Thursday Back to Top
Session: Keynote | 8:30am PT

Keynote: Farmworkers on the Forefront: Connecting Our Struggles for Liberat...

Thursday, January 21, 8:30 - 10:00am PT How are farmworkers and their families organizing to build...
Presenter(s): Mily Treviño-Sauceda, Elvira Carvajal, Rita Mancera Hernandez, Gerardo Reyes Chavez, Marley Monacello

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Session: C | 10:00am PT

The Future is Real Organic

USDA organic is in need of a course correction and it’s coming from the passionate farmers that...
Presenter(s): Dave Chapman
Health, Community, Education, Policy

Organizing for Water Justice in California’s Central Coast Region

Throughout this region, rural communities have struggled for decades to gain access to clean water...
Presenter(s): Horacio Amezquita, Mayra Hernandez, Steve Shimek
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Creating Fair, Democratic Workplaces: Walking Our Talk

In the social justice movement, we talk a lot about food justice. Meanwhile, family-scale farmers...
Presenter(s): Leah Cohen, Elizabeth Henderson
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

CSA, Meet COVID-19!

COVID-19 set a premium on good health and trust. And Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) — long...
Presenter(s): Melanie Cunningham, Cole Mazariegos-Anastassiou, Verónica Mazariegos-Anastassiou, Cristóbal Cruz Hernández
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

México en la Ruta por Eliminar el Glifosato y promover una Agroecología Bio...

En México desde el primero de enero de este año se publicó en el Diario Oficial de la Federación un...
Presenter(s): Fernando Bejarano, Adelita San Vicente Tello, Ramon Mariaca Mendez, Miguel Robles
En Español / In Spanish

Ventas en línea para pequeñas granjas del mercado directo: la experiencia d...

La pandemia de Covid-19 ha obligado a muchos agricultores a cambiar la manera en que venden sus...
Presenter(s): Kate Smith, Pablo Silva
En Español / In Spanish

Regenerative Practices Invade San Joaquin Valley Almond Orchards

Over a decade ago, a progressive Illinois no-till row-crop farmer began adapting Midwestern...
Presenter(s): Tom Rogers
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Supporting Beneficial Birds and Managing Pest Birds

Beneficial birds eat pests as beneficial insects do — they help when farms provide for their needs...
Presenter(s): Julie Jedlicka
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

The Compost Conundrum: Selecting the Right Amendment

Many questions enter into the compost purchase decision, such as What is the source material? What...
Presenter(s): Beto Ochoa, Cole Smith
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

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Session: D | 11:45am PT

Contract Grazing in the Time of Fire

In this time of unprecedented wildfires across the West, it’s clear that wild and cultivated lands...
Presenter(s): Marie Hoff, Daniel K. Macon, Andree Soares
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Enjoy Disease-Free, Pest-Free Crops

In real estate, it's location, location, location. In pest and disease prevention, it's nutrition,...
Presenter(s): John Kempf
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

New Developments in Stone Fruit Varieties

With an increasing demand for higher quality and more flavorful fruits, breeders are stepping up to...
Presenter(s): Leith Gardner, John Slaughter
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Building Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Farmer-Serving Organizati...

As agricultural service providers, we have a responsibility to acknowledge the deep inequities...
Presenter(s): Iris Nolasco, Alfredo Vergara-Lobo, Michelle Hughes
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Discussion Group: Liberating Dollars, Approaching Reparations

Many white-bodied folks are looking for a space to talk about their money story, build a culture of...
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Discussion Group: The Future is Real Organic

What can we do to ensure the success of real organic farms? How do we shift local organic...
Presenter(s): Jean-Martin Fortier, Emily Oakley, Dave Chapman
Health, Community, Education, Policy

CANCELLED: Farmworker Realities: New and Needed Policy

There have been some gains for farmworkers in the past several years, though there have also been...
Presenter(s): Ann Lopez, Sarait Martinez
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Reconectando con mercados y comunidades durante la pandemia

La crisis de COVID-19 interrumpió los mercados para los agricultores de California, poniendo en...
Presenter(s): Kelly Hansen
En Español / In Spanish

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Session: Keynote | 3:30pm PT

Keynote: Agriculture for a Regenerative Future

Thursday, January 21, 2021 3:20 - 5:00pm PT To be presented in English and Spanish The Revolution...
Presenter(s): John Kempf, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

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Session: Keynote | 8:30am PT

Keynote: Successful Organic Farmers

Friday, January 22, 2021 8:30 - 9:45am PT Learn what these leading ecological farmers do, why they...
Presenter(s): Ben Burkett, Althea Raiford, Matthew Raiford, Blake and Stephanie Alexandre

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Session: E | 10:00am PT

Mechanized No-Till Organic Vegetable Experimental Collaborative / Year 2 Re...

Two years of Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG)-supported field experimentation in commercial-...
Presenter(s): Phil Foster, Paul Muller, Scott Park
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Wise Words from Well-Seasoned Farmers and Friends

Long-time friends and loved ones in the farming world come together to remember the impactful life...
Presenter(s): Jenifer Bliss, Kalita Todd, Jack Algiere, Wendy Johnson, David Katz, Paul Muller, Dru Rivers, Zea Sonnabend, Mark Squire
Health, Community, Education, Policy

Native Land Management on Organic Farms

As climate change becomes a more and more tangible reality, there is increased scrutiny on...
Presenter(s): Grayson Coney, Maya Harjo
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

How Storytelling Can Transform Your Business and the Regenerative Movement

It’s hard to remember information but easy to remember stories. It’s how we’re wired. Put this...
Presenter(s): Jessie Gardner
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Essential Futures: Women Farmers

This workshop will focus on the need to re-imagine the future of farming in relation to women's...
Presenter(s): Carmen Cortez
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Black Food Justice & Sovereignty

This panel will center on food justice and food sovereignty for Black communities. We'll start with...
Presenter(s): Minkah Taharkah
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Overcoming Bottlenecks in the Organic & Regenerative Meat Sector

Carbon sequestration on grasslands is a top solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and...
Presenter(s): Laetitia Benador, Kelly Nuckolls, Kathy Webster
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

El estado de la unión de la juventud Latinx

No hay agricultura en California sin la comunidad Latinx. Los agricultores latinx son el grupo...
Presenter(s): Rigoberto Bucio, Hektor Calderon, Josefina Lara, Ana Galvis, Natalia Pinzón Jiménez
En Español / In Spanish

La visión hacia el futuro: Entre la labor de la temporada y tus ganas para...

La empresa agrícola no es solo un negocio de ganancias o beneficios, es una forma de asegurar el...
Presenter(s): David Mancera, Nathan Weller
En Español / In Spanish

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Session: F | 11:45am PT

¡Echándole ganas al trabajo en el campo a pesar de pandemia, incendios fore...

Este año 2020 nos ha traído uno de los peores retos económicos, de salud, y de condiciones de...
Presenter(s): Alfredo Vergara-Lobo
En Español / In Spanish

Negocios de ranchos/fincas que son cooperativas

Es difícil para una persona o familia encontrar tierra suficiente para tener una finca que puede...
Presenter(s): Luis Sierra, Maria Ana Reyes, Tania Zuñiga, María Ines Catalán, Carmen Gaspar
En Español / In Spanish

Discussion Group: California Food and Farm Policy for Farmers

Let's discuss food and farm policies recently enacted in California at the state and local levels,...
Presenter(s): Peter Ruddock
Health, Community, Education, Policy

Alternatives to Copper and Sulfur for Organic Growers

Copper and Sulfur compounds are allowed in organic production but they are among the more...
Presenter(s): Andrew Pedersen, Bill Wolf, Melissa O'Neal
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Digging into the Research of Small-Scale No-Till Farming Systems

This workshop brings together two groups that have been researching small-scale, intensive, minimal...
Presenter(s): Cole Rainey
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

California Indigenous Perspectives on Ethics, Occupation, and Land Manageme...

This panel discussion will highlight the politics of place, Indigenous rights, and land-based...
Presenter(s): Sarah Biscarra Dilley, Leah Mata Fragua, Deborah Morillo, Briana Vasquez
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

Discussion Group: Organic and Regenerative Ranchers and Processors

COVID-19 upended supply chains across the food system and spotlighted long-standing challenges in...
Presenter(s): Michael Dimock, Rebekah Weber
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Farming in the Time of Covid-19: Lessons Learned for Climate Resilience

Farmers and ranchers — declared essential workers during the pandemic — pivoted their markets,...
Presenter(s): Ron Holter, Helen McGrath, Spring Olsen
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations

Saturday Back to Top
Session: Keynote | 9:45am PT

Keynote: Farming is Medicine: Transforming our World through Agroecology

Farming is Medicine | keynote from EcoFarm on Vimeo . Saturday, January 23, 2021 9:45 - 11:00am PT...
Presenter(s): Rupa Marya

Saturday Back to Top
Session: G | 11:30am PT

Biosolarización: Utilizar energía solar y la materia orgánica para controla...

La biosolarización es una nueva innovación en la esfera del control de malezas. A diferencia de la...
Presenter(s): Martín Guerena, Jesus Fernandez Bayo
En Español / In Spanish

Los Impactos del Sobregiro de Agua Subterránea: Un Ejemplo de California

El cambio climático y el crecimiento de la población están ejerciendo presión sobre los recursos...
Presenter(s): Vicky Espinoza
En Español / In Spanish

Youth Leadership Development Through Urban Food Production

Oakland Leaf runs a paid high school internship program at six different East Oakland elementary,...
Health, Community, Education, Policy

Continuous Improvement: Enhancing Benefits to Natural Resources & Biodi...

To comply with organic regulations that require producers to maintain or improve the natural...
Presenter(s): Ben Bowell
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

On-Farm Composting: Policy and Practice

This session will outline the policy changes that allow farmers to bring feedstocks onto their...
Presenter(s): Arthur Baker, Phil Foster, Dave Runsten
Soil, Crops, Animals, Pests, Beneficials

Mapping the Future: Decolonizing Food & Medicine

Keynote speaker Dr. Rupa Marya proposes a workshop to examine the fundamental understandings of...
Presenter(s): Rupa Marya
Equity, Justice, Food Sovereignty

CANCELLED - Specialty Equipment for Small-Scale Intensive Production

This session will feature a variety of tools and equipment that will be useful for small-scale...
Presenter(s): Joel Dufour
Business, Labor, Land, Regulations



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