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Discussion Group: How Can the Food Movement Better Work Across Differences?

Race. Class. Gender. Sexuality. Migration status. We know that the food movement includes people from our variety of positions in society, and that these differences can cause tensions and challenges in organizing towards a transformed food system. In this session, the moderator will share results of his recent research on Californian food movements (see link to read a synopsis) working across various lines of difference, in order to spark a conversation about concrete strategies to address these tensions. We will also discuss the challenges of linking the personal and the structural as we confront issues of white supremacy, capitalist exploitation, political dysfunction, and the patriarchy embedded within our own movement spaces. Participants will also be invited to share their insights and perspectives to inform future publications and media-making on these issues. Antonio Roman-Alcalá has been working in the food movement for the past 17 years, as an urban and rural farmer, political coalition facilitator, researcher, educator, and organizer.

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Equity, Food, Health, Community
1:15pm - 2:30pm

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Mar 12 2022 to Mar 18 2022



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