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The Farm Bill Cometh: It’s Time to Organize!

Every five years, we have the chance to influence the content and spending levels in the Farm Bill, which will likely invest more than $450 billion in programs such as agricultural conservation, crop insurance, healthy food access for low-income families, beginning farmer training, and more. The Farm Bill sets the stage for our food and farm systems, and debates and organizing are ramping up for the 2023 Bill. But we have to organize to make sure that this important bill is good for farmers, consumers, and the natural environment, and also addresses historical injustices, and systemic racism. In this listening session, we want to hear from farmers about what should be in the bill, as well as from other stakeholders and advocates working for a healthy, just, and resilient food and farming system. We will start with an overview of the state of play on the Farm Bill, along with a summary of the carbon market schemes being promoted by agribusiness. And then we want to hear from you — join us to share your ideas and priorities!

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1:15pm - 2:30pm

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Mar 12 2022 to Mar 18 2022



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