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Integrated Control of Vineyard Pests & Diseases

Some of the main vineyard pests include powdery mildew, leafhoppers, mites, nematodes, sharpshooters, leaf rollers, vine mealybug, Pierce's disease, European starlings, and American robins. Experienced practitioners will discuss their integrated approaches using methods such as pruning, the use of biological inputs, encouraging biodiversity in the vineyard landscape, support of the soil biome through weed management without herbicides, and conscious use of soil amendments that are specific to soil type and vine needs. Speakers will also include a discussion of canopy management  techniques and timing as well as foliar applications of products that support plant tissue. Finally, this session will present details about the potentially safe use of lasers for bird control. It will also outline how ecological farmers can support this research, helping determine the right intensity, distance, and exposure time to scare birds away without harming them. Panelists will leave abundant time for questions about all vineyard pest and disease issues.

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Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems
11:15am - 12:30pm

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