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Live Earth Farm Farmland Flyways, Wildways, and Waterways Field Day

Join Wild Farm Alliance and EcoFarm for an interactive field day at Live Earth Farm! Tucked away against the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Live Earth Farm uses practices that are good for climate resilience, biodiversity and the bottom line on their 50 different direct-marketed organic crops. They’ve installed nest boxes and hedgerows to bring beneficial insects and birds closer to the crops, used water saving techniques and integrated carbon-storing soil and woody vegetation practices.

At Live Earth their approach is to bring food production in harmony with nature with a focus on building biodiversity. The property that Tom farms was originally a conventional apple orchard surrounded by trees, and when he began the transition to organic certification he set forth on establishing long-term wildlife corridors and plant buffers. These natural borders safeguard the soil from erosion, improve water quality, assist with biological pest control, and provide the surrounding area with valuable ecosystem services that both beautify the landscape and contribute to the creation of beneficial insect and pollinator habitat. Riparian and upland plantings promote wildlife connections that help to bring biodiversity closer to the crops where it can help with the farm's pest control needs .

Time: 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Cost: $30

Includes a catered lunch.

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Program features:

- Nick Filannino and Jo Ann Baumgartner of Wild Farm Alliance (WFA) will lead a walk around the farm showing how to identify beneficial birds and native plants.

- Tom Broz, owner of Live Earth Farm, will showcase operations and discuss his farming philosophy.

- Jo Ann Baumgartner will share highlights from WFA's Beneficial Bird Habitat Assessment Tool.

- Richard Smith, Monterey County Farm Advisor, will share how grass cover crops are protecting water quality.

- Sam Earnshaw, Hedgerows Unlimited, will discuss the functionality of native farmscaping and share techniques that will be used later in the day for riparian plantings.

- Joji Muramoto, Santa Cruz County Organic Farm Advisor, will speak about organic farming, projected climate change in the Monterey Bay region, and how best to grow organic strawberries.

- Sacha Lozano, RCD of Santa Cruz County, will discuss irrigation systems that reduce greenhouse gases and save water on the farm.

Date and Location

Live Earth Farm, Corralitos, CA (Santa Cruz County)



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