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Talkin' Story: Asian American and Hawaiian Experiences in Ag

This workshop is focused on examining what life was and is like for two communities of farmers. In the first portion, we will examine the historical perspective of Japanese American Farmers in California prior to and after forced incarceration during World War 2. In the second half, we will hear about the amazing work currently being conducted at MA'O Organic Farms in Hawaii. MA'O is a lightning rod for community engagement and youth empowerment; utilizing modern and ancient growing practices to grow an amazing variety of crops. Their work sits at the intersection of culture, community, and land stewardship, and their work stands as a model that can be adapted in any of our communities back home. We hope that attendees will leave with a deeper sense of knowledge and compassion for what our ancestors have had to go through to get us here; and to offer examples of ways we can all work towards a brighter future.

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Equity, Food, Health, Community
1:15pm - 2:30pm

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Mar 12 2022 to Mar 18 2022



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