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Workshops & Keynotes

Conference Year: 2022


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Session: Keynote | 8:00 pm PT

From Garden Warriors to Good Seeds: The Native American Fight for Food...

Because ‘we are what we eat,’ the Native American food sovereignty movement is working to...

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Session: A | 8:30 am

The Reciprocity of Indigenous Food Systems – Integrating Community and Ecos...

Indigenous food systems are cultivated utilizing traditional knowledge that has been adapted over...
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Discussion Group: California Farm Policy for Farmers

For the 5th consecutive year, we will gather in a circle and discuss policy changes in California...
Presenter(s): Peter Ruddock, Paul Towers

Hedgerows on Northern California Rangelands

Hedgerows can be planted on a wide diversity of agricultural landscapes. This workshop will discuss...
Presenter(s): John Bailey, Rebecca Burgess, DeeDee Soto
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

What Should We Sell

Farmers, wholesalers, and retailers all confront the decision: what do we offer to our customers? A...
Presenter(s): Nina Colasurdo, Jonathan Kitchens, John Odahara
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Remoción mecánica y reciclaje de cintas de goteo

El equipo para enrollar las cintas de goteo ahorra trabajo, pero también remueve el suelo y el agua...
Presenter(s): Jazmine Mejia Munoz, Raúl Vargas
En Español / In Spanish

Perennials for Ecological and Economic Resilience

Deep-rooted perennials offer many benefits to the curious farmer. Their root systems can better...
Presenter(s): Barbara-Jean Avery, Heidi Herrmann
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

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Session: B | 10:30 am

Organic Fiber Panel: The Thread that Connects Us

Despite the lack of press compared to food production, fiber has long been a staple in Western...
Presenter(s): A-dae Romero-Briones, Sandy Fisher, Sally Fox, Tameka Peoples
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Talking Story: Exploring Asian American and Hawaiian Experiences in Agricul...

This workshop is focused on examining what life was and is like for two communities of farmers. In...
Presenter(s): Brianne Imada, James Nakahara, Derrik Parker, Kaui Sana
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Diverse Markets, Diverse Perspectives

The movement for race and equity continues, and the policy shifts needed to align to the demands of...
Presenter(s): Nelson Hawkins, Scott Berndt, Cecilia Cengiz, Theresa Dixon
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Integrated Control of Key Vineyard Pests & Diseases

Some of the main vineyard pests include glassy-winged sharpshooter, Pierce's disease, vine mealybug...
Presenter(s): Esteban Fernadez-Jursic, Prudy Foxx, Steve Matthiasson
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Organic Builds Back Better

The Biden administration seeks to ‘build back better’ in the wake of the pandemic. How can our...
Presenter(s): Patty Lovera, Abby Youngblood
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Dos Alas Fuertes: Producción y planificación de empresas avícolas de pastor...

La cría de aves de corral de pastoreo para la producción de huevos o su carne puede ser un negocio...
Presenter(s): Ann Baier, Edgar Mendoza
En Español / In Spanish

3 áreas esenciales para emprender su negocio (¡o para mantenerlo en operaci...

Puede ser un reto saber por dónde empezar cuando se empieza una nueva empresa agrícola o un rancho...
Presenter(s): David Mancera, Tania Zuñiga
En Español / In Spanish

Low Water Use Strategies for Combating Climate Change

Besides soil, water is certainly our most precious resource. Yet almost all modern agricultural...
Presenter(s): Michael Kotutwa Johnson, Jacques Neukom, Brandon Sanders
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Organic Farming Research Foundation Research Agenda

The Organic Farming Research Foundation regularly surveys organic growers, farmers, ranchers across...
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

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Session: Keynote | 1:30 pm

Water, Land, and Power in the Central Valley | Towards an Ecologically Soun...

Presenter(s): Mark Arax Mark Arax will draw from his chronicles of California over the past three...

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Session: C | 3:30 pm

Irrigate to Plant Water Needs, Avoid Excess, Save Money

Most growers overwater their crops, supplying more water than needed as a precaution to avoid...
Presenter(s): Michael Cahn, Mark Mason, Aysha Peterson
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Research Report-Back: Soil Health on Organic Farms in the Central Coast

Scientists from the UC Berkeley Soil Health Project will present the results of their soil ecology...
Presenter(s): Timothy Bowles, Kenzo Esquivel, Hannah Waterhouse
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Two Strong Wings: Production and Business of Pastured Poultry

Experienced pastured poultry farmers will discuss how raising poultry on pasture for eggs or meat...
Presenter(s): Maurice Pitesky, Caleb Barron
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

All About Farm Insurance - What Kinds and How Much Do You Need?

This session introduces how insurance works, the different types of insurance that should be in...
Presenter(s): Winona Doris, Scott Chang-Fleeman
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

FSMA Updates & Inspection Preparedness

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still releasing updates to the Food Safety Modernization...
Presenter(s): Lianna Kelly, Don Stoeckel, Grace Perry
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Control de plagas de insectos en los sistemas orgánicos

Este taller consistirá en tres partes. La primera sección cubrirá brevemente la salud del suelo y...
Presenter(s): Martín Guerena, Omar Rodriguez
En Español / In Spanish

Disparity to Parity: A Common Sense Program to Transform our Food System an...

The continuing farm crisis affects all but the largest conventional and organic farms. Wages for...
Presenter(s): Ben Burkett, Elizabeth Henderson

Tecnología para las pequeñas empresas agrícolas: Innovaciones y adaptacione...

Este taller está diseñado para crear una caja de herramientas electrónica para el agricultor ¡y...
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Vaughan, Phil Minnick
En Español / In Spanish

Disparity to Parity: A Common Sense Program to Transform our Food System an...

The continuing farm crisis affects all but the largest conventional and organic farms. Wages for...
Presenter(s): Ben Burkett, Elizabeth Henderson

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Session: Keynote | 8:30am PT

Successful Organic Farmers

Presenters(s): Javier Ledesma Ledesma Farms Hollister, CA Photo credit: Splash Pad New Javier and...

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Session: D | 10:30 am

Media Innovation: A New Lens on Food and Farming Coverage

This workshop will feature journalists from around the country sharing their perspectives on the...
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Farmer-to-Farmer Panel on Soil Health

Three organic vegetable farmers with highly diversified organic production will share their...
Presenter(s): Javier Zamora
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Carrots and Sticks - Getting Serious about Nitrogen Inputs in California Ag...

Humans have greatly altered the world’s nitrogen cycle over the past decades, primarily through...
Presenter(s): Eric Brennan, Richard Smith, Ramy Colfer
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Discussion Group: Will Organic survive the USDA?

As USDA Organic is being redefined by industry, the Real Organic Project is growing rapidly. With...
Presenter(s): Dave Chapman, Hugh Kent

Incorporating Monarch Butterfly Conservation into Your Farm Plan

The western Monarch Butterfly population has declined by 99% since the 1980s due to multiple...
Presenter(s): Madeline Kangas
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Disruptions and Resilience in the Time of COVID

This session takes a deep dive into how pandemic-related challenges and changes in consumer demand...
Presenter(s): Clifford Pollard, Rogelio Ponce, Karen Salinger
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Prácticas diarias de bienestar y restauración para las comunidades agrícola...

Las comunidades latinas son la sangre vital de la agricultura de los Estados Unidos, aun así, los...
Presenter(s): Elena Velez
En Español / In Spanish

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Session: F | 11:45am PT

Trash Talk - Experts Guide to Drip Irrigation Tape Recycling

One of the most abundant agricultural plastics used in Crop Production is Drip Irrigation tape (DIT...
Presenter(s): Jazmine Mejia Munoz, Victor Ramos, Rich Uto
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Controlling Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Organically

Despite increasing pressure associated with SWD on a wide range of fruits, there are few organic...
Presenter(s): Mark Bolda, Kent Daane
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

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Session: E | 1:30 pm

Control integrado de enfermedades en los sistemas orgánicos

Este taller consistirá en tres partes. La primera sección cubrirá la microbiología básica de los...
Presenter(s): Katherine Favors, Martín Guerena
En Español / In Spanish

Consideraciones legales y comerciales para acceso a tierras de cultivo

Les presentamos el nuevo y mejorado Estuche de Herramientas Legal para Acceso a Tierras de Cultivos...
Presenter(s): Fran Miller, David Mancera, Deborah Nares
En Español / In Spanish

Building Organic Agriculture Knowledge Networks in California

The University of California (UC) and Clif Bar & Co. recently joined forces to create and endow...
Presenter(s): Matthew Dillon, Glenda Humiston, Mark Lubell
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

From Herd Shares to Rancher Cooperatives: Making Strides in Meat Processing

Across California, efforts are underway to alleviate longstanding meat processing bottlenecks that...
Presenter(s): Marcia Barinaga, Kathy Webster
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Wellness & Restorative Daily Practices for Latinx Agricultural Communit...

Latinx communities are the lifeblood of US agriculture, yet Latinx workers across all industries...
Presenter(s): Al Courchesne, Elena Velez
Equity, Food, Health, Community

It Takes a System: Combining No-Till Soil and Habitat-Building

Two long-term eco-organic farmers, Helen Atthowe (Woodleaf Farm) and Paul Muller (Full Belly Farm...
Presenter(s): Helen Atthowe, Paul Muller
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

We Grow Grain and You Can Too! A Year in the Life of a Grain Crop

Grain and wheat. The staff of life. Storied, ancient, sacred, life-giving crops prepared lovingly...
Presenter(s): Rachel Britten, Leyna Lightman
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

The Pressures, Challenges and Solutions Organic Farmers Face Using Sustaina...

To support its sustainable farming mission, Lakeside Organic Gardens recently made an enormous...
Presenter(s): Matt Manfre, Erika Nist, Dick Peixoto
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Who Can Save Our Soil? Organic, Regenerative, and Indigenous Agriculture

Soil health is the foundation of thriving communities. Food movements like organic and regenerative...
Presenter(s): A-dae Romero-Briones, Abbi Han, Kendra Klein
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

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Session: F | 3:30 pm

3 Essentials for Getting Your Business Up and Running (Or Keeping it Up and...

It can be challenging to know where to start when beginning a new farm or ranch business. Record-...
Presenter(s): David Mancera, Tania Zuñiga
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

The Farm Bill Cometh: It’s Time to Organize!

Every five years, we have the chance to influence the content and spending levels in the Farm Bill...
Presenter(s): Jeanne Merrill, Sarah Hackney

Grupo de agricultor a agricultor sobre la salud del suelo

Agricultores de productos orgánicos con alta diversidad en la producción orgánica compartirán sus...
Presenter(s): Javier Zamora
En Español / In Spanish

¿Qué carambas es la agricultura regenerativa?

La agricultura regenerativa es un término que seguramente se han escuchado mucho en los últimos...
Presenter(s): Katherine Favors, Omar Rodriguez
En Español / In Spanish

Dismantling the Myths of Forest Garden Guilds in Permaculture

Guilds are groupings of beneficial plants, fruit trees, herbs, and other components that work...
Presenter(s): Robert Kourik
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

Discussion Group: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Building a Solidarity Grou...

Come for connection and leave as a founding member of a solidarity group of California women...
Presenter(s): Rachel Britten, Leyna Lightman, Zion Tadesse
Equity, Food, Health, Community

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Session: G | 8:30 am

Organic Dairies – Contracts to Collaborations

Danone, a major corporate purchaser of fresh milk from Northeast dairies, has recently announced...
Presenter(s): Doug Beretta, Patty Lovera, Jill Smith
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

21st-Century Land Reform: Community Models for Farmland Tenure

Is it time for communities to secure the land base needed for their best future? Land is...
Presenter(s): Briana Vasquez, Joaquin Jimenez

A Garden Can Be Anywhere - Creating Bountiful and Beautiful Edible Gardens

Los Angeles gardening fixture Lauri Kranz coaches that anyone can turn a yard or even a few pots...
Presenter(s): Lauri Kranz
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

MycoRenewal in Theory and Practice

Fungi and the humans that choose to be in relationship with them are challenging anthropocentric...
Presenter(s): Taylor Bright, Maya Elson
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Cooperation Makes it Happen: Building a System for Sharing Grain and Regene...

Small-scale farming is a monumentally challenging pursuit for many reasons. For grain farming in...
Presenter(s): Rob Barnett, Leyna Lightman, Leslie Person Ryan, Melissa Sorongon
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

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Session: Keynote | 10:30 am

The 21st Century Food System We Deserve

Our food system does not serve most of us well because it is premised on antiquated worldviews...



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