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42nd EcoFarm Conference - Rooted in Resilience

This year’s conference theme is “Rooted in Resilience” which feels especially apropos. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. As we move deeper into the climate and ecological crises, resilience is a skill increasingly in demand at all levels-- for individuals, organizations, farms, and activists.
The term “resilience” makes me think of the bamboo in my backyard. Unlike the massive cedar tree knocked down by a freak wind storm a few years ago, the bamboo bent, but did not fall. Part of the reason it did not break was because each bamboo culm is not an individual onto itself, but connected through its rhizomes to the entire stand. There is resilience in community. The way it is rooted makes it resilient.
As individuals and as EcoFarm, if we want to be resilient, we must be rooted – in place, in community, and in our values. For EcoFarm, this translates into our commitment to our mission of fostering healthy, just, safe and ecologically sustainable farms and communities. It means staying true to our values and standing up for what is right. And it means prioritizing bringing the EcoFarm community together in person after a year’s absence. We’re beyond excited at the thought of old and new friends gathering at Asilomar once again in January.
There’s no doubt that this year’s conference will be quite different from other years’ events. Operating in the midst of a pandemic, we have had needed to be ultra-flexible, shaping the gathering to the changing contours of the law and public health.  We hope that you will join us- for the first time or the 42nd time- as we celebrate our deep roots in community.
- Andy Fisher, Executive Director

Rooted in Resilience – EcoFarm Conference Art by Molly Brown

Molly Brown grew up in the San Lorenzo Valley, embedded in the Organic food movement through her parents, who have managed Wild Roots Market (formerly New Leaf) for the last 20’odd years. She went to Bennington College intending to pursue agroecology but found in the course of an interdisciplinary education that she was much better positioned to make a contribution as an artist than as a scientist. She remains fascinated in agriculture, ecology, animal husbandry, land stewardship, and myriad food processes; which often form the subject of her work (and whose practitioners, she hopes, comprise a share of her audience). She arrived at relief printmaking after a trial of many other mediums, reveling in all aspects of the craft, from the creation of the block to its political and working class history. Visit and Instagram: pots_n_things to learn more about her and her work.



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