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Farming on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Wednesday, January 18 | 10:00am - 4:00pm

Join other farmers in a facilitated pre-conference workshop that will be a supportive space for farmers to meaningfully deal with farming on the front lines of climate change. The workshop will provide tools and opportunities for exchange with other farmers on managing the stress that arises for farmers who face the impacts of drought, water scarcity and other climate change impacts on a daily basis. Attendees will also receive resources for trauma response practices and principles such as brain functioning and anxiety, and connection with the land - all specific to the agriculturalist experience. 

This free event is limited to farmers and ranchers only.

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Chad Reznicek

MA, LPC, Behavioral Health Specialist and Colorado AgrAbility project lead for 13 western states and

Stephen Arevalo

Culture bearer and Esselen Tribe of Monterey County councilmember

Facilitation support:

Laura M. Ridenour

Food and agriculture sociologist and facilitator with research experience in human dimensions of disaster and recovery

Maija West

Peacemaker and facilitator with the Healing and Reconciliation Institute

Date and Location

Asilomar Conference Grounds



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