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Goals Setting and Crop Planning for a Successful Season

Wednesday, January 18 | 9:00am -12:30pm PT

In this 4-hour session master grower JM Fortier will share his unique method of preparing for a new season. From how to determine proper financial objectives, to planning the farming space for continuous harvest, to organizing workloads weakly. JM will share a new platform that helps growers achieve this in optimal ways.



Jean-Martin Fortier

Market Gardener Institute

Jean-Martin (JM) Fortier is a farmer, educator, entrepreneur, and best-selling author specializing in organic and biointensive vegetable production. His award-winning book, The Market Gardener, now published in 10 languages, has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to reimagine ecological human-scale food systems.

His teachings have been adapted to the Market Gardener Masterclass, a comprehensive online program that supports over 3400+ growers in over 90 countries. His message is one of empowerment with the intention to educate, encourage, and inspire people to pursue a career and lifestyle focused on growing food with care, by and for people who care.

In 2020, JM founded Growers & Co, a farm tool and apparel company that also features the biannual magazine that focuses on celebrating the movement of small-scale organic farming. He is based in Quebec, Canada, where he manages Ferme des Quatre-Temps, a research and training farm that intends to serve as a model for the future of agriculture.

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Asilomar Conference Grounds



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