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Value Chain Coordination- a toolset for building a more resilient and fairer regional food system

Wednesday, January 18 | 1:00 - 5:00pm

Are you a producer looking to expand into more market channels? Are you a support organization trying to support farmers in growing their networks and struggling to tackle a complicated set of challenges? Value Chain Coordination (VCC) can help! VCC is a relationship-based business strategy that helps develop and strengthen regional food economies and make your communities’ food system more resilient and efficient. VCC is made up of activities like market matchmaking, providing technical assistance, convening stakeholders, procuring funding, catalyzing new ideas, conducting assessments, and advocating for policy. VCC work can happen within food hubs, nonprofits, on farms, and in governments and can be a valuable set of tools for counteracting power imbalances in the food system. This training will cover how to organize and prioritize activities of VCC to develop more resilient and thriving food economies in your community.


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Participants will gain:

  • an understanding of the history of supply chain thinking and why ‘value chain strategy’ is a more resilient, relationship based approach to local food systems work
  • a set of tools to develop strong value chains and increase market viability of small farms and food businesses
  • skills to more efficiently collaborate with new partners and enhance the long-term success of small-scale producers, food organizations, and local food coalitions
  • connections to a national network of experienced peers and mentors who are performing and supporting VCC work in food systems


Elliott Smith

Co-Founder, CEO- Kitchen Sync Strategies

Susan Lightfoot Schempf

Co-Director, Wallace Center

Other presenters to be announced

Date and Location

Asilomar Conference Grounds



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