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Workshops & Keynotes

Conference Year: 2023


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Session: A | 8:30 am

Managing Stress in the Face of Uncertainty

Join other farmers for a series of presentations, followed by a Q&A. This workshop, led by five...
Presenter(s): Chad Reznicek, Elena Velez, Laura M. Ridenour, Maija West, Stephen Arevalo
Equity, Food, Health, Community

"To Till or Not to Till," That is the Question

For four years, a group of experienced California organic vegetable farmers has been trying to...
Presenter(s): Phil Foster, Paul Muller, Andrew Brait, Scott Park, Helen Atthowe, Tom Willey
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

An Indigenous Panel: Food Sovereignty, Appropriation, and Landback as Integ...

The Organic movement has borrowed heavily from Indigenous practice and theory over the years...
Presenter(s): Samantha Hilborn, A-dae Romero-Briones
Equity, Food, Health, Community

California Food Policy for Farmers (Discussion Group)

Join us for the 6th annual Discussion Group for Farm Policy. We'll talk about what happened in 2022...
Presenter(s): Peter Ruddock, Paul Towers

Can You Lose Money and Build Wealth At the Same Time?

Explore ways to think about farm profitability and wealth creation. This interactive workshop is...
Presenter(s): Poppy Davis, Dede Bois
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Ecosystem Services on Rangelands – the next non-food market?

Rangelands provide enormous ecosystem services including soil carbon storage, habitat for...
Presenter(s): Erika Foster, Dr. Jonathan Gerbald, Jeff Mundell, Suzanne Hunt, Don Baldocchi
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Plasticultura: Soluciones al final de la vida útil de la cinta de goteo y l...

El uso del plástico en la agricultura ahorra tiempo y recursos para la producción agrícola, pero...
Presenter(s): Jazmine Mejía-Muñoz, Jay Ramos
En Español / In Spanish

Técnicas de negociación para Mujeres en la agricultura para lograr resultad...

Las mujeres tienden a negociar menos debido a las presiones y desafíos sociales y esto puede tener...
Presenter(s): Anel Trujillo, Caitlin Joseph
En Español / In Spanish

Uniting the World Organic Movement

The world movement called organic farming is decades older than USDA certification. Organic...
Presenter(s): Steffen Reese, Dave Chapman
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

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Session: B | 10:30 am

Botanical Oils for Organic Pest & Disease Control

The number of products available to organic growers that are made from plant-based oils is...
Presenter(s): Larry Parker, Zea Sonnabend, Doug Greer, Marc Lajeunesse
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Can Farmers Grow Organic Leafy Greens Regeneratively? (Discussion Group)

Farming organic leafy greens on the Central Coast of CA offers its own degree of challenges. High...
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Whitlow, Matthew Grieshop, Eric Morgan
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Como lograr temprana y extendida producción de frutas y hortalizas utilizan...

Numerosos consumidores tienen mucho interés en comprar alimentos producidos localmente, y son muy...
Presenter(s): Martín Guerena, Javier Zamora, Victor Martinez
En Español / In Spanish

Farming through Wildfire Season: A Collective (and Practical) Conversation...

The intensity of wildfires is rapidly increasing, with record-breaking fire seasons every year. The...
Presenter(s): Katie Brimm, Amber Schat, Natalia Pinzón
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Financiamiento de operaciones sostenibles

Muchas veces, las operaciones agrícolas y la infraestructura más sostenibles son inalcanzables...
Presenter(s): Luis Vizcardo, Shawn Orgel-Olson, Jakki Castorena
En Español / In Spanish

Food is Medicine: Farm and Clinic Perspectives from Rural and Urban

Awareness of the relationships between food and health is not new, but healthcare is (finally?)...
Presenter(s): Edye Kuyper, Brian Boyce, Marina Contreras, Steven Chen, Troy Horton, Sasha Shankar
Equity, Food, Health, Community

How to Tap into Federal Funds on your Farm/Ranch

The federal government provides several opportunities for farmers and ranchers. Some of these...
Presenter(s): Karen Lowell, Stacie Clary, Christopher Tchudi, Elizabeth Reikowski
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Organic Orchard and Vineyard Management under Drought Conditions

Permanent cropping systems can be challenging to operate organically during the best of times. You...
Presenter(s): Amélie Gaudin, Arianna Bozzolo, Leigh Archer
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Soil Microbial Predators - Hunting Down Ecosystem Services

Soil microorganisms are important for ecosystem functions that result in benefits including...
Presenter(s): Carolee Bull, Samuel Martins, Joanne Emerson
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Youth perspectives on Environmental Justice (EJ), Agroecology, and Food Sov...

This panel will discuss an Environmental Justice Youth Leadership Academy (EJYLA), which connects...
Presenter(s): Karen Crespo Triveño, Tashina Vavuris, Agustín Angel
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

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Session: C | 3:30 pm

Learning to Produce Organic Seed on the Farm

The seed industry is linked to the global market and the dynamics of goods and services such as...
Presenter(s): Jared Zystro
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Beneficial Birds and the Native Plants that they Prefer

Using Wild Farm Alliance's Bird Habitat Assessment and Native Plant guide, we’ll go over how to...
Presenter(s): Jo Ann Baumgartner, Wendell Gilgert
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Defend Organic: Post Your Input List (Discussion Group)

Many product descriptors in farmers markets imitate organic production without using the “O” word,...
Presenter(s): Steve Sprinkel

Media Matters: A New Lens on Food & Farming Reporting

This workshop will feature journalists from around the country sharing their perspectives on the...
Presenter(s): Matthew Wheeland, Dana Cronin, Liza Gross, Teresa Cotsirilos
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Pasos sencillos para aumentar la presencia en línea de su granja

¿Está interesado en aumentar la presencia en línea de su granja para atraer nuevas cuentas o...
Presenter(s): Sasha Pesci
En Español / In Spanish

Producción de semillas orgánicas : Una estrategia para aumentar la resilien...

La industria de la semilla esta ligada al mercado global y a la dinámica de bienes y servicios como...
Presenter(s): Ana Galvis
En Español / In Spanish

Soil Microbial Predators - Digging Deep For Organic Farming (Discussion Gro...

In our previous session ‘Soil Microbial Predators - Hunting Down Ecosystem Services’ we described...
Presenter(s): Carolee Bull, Samuel Martins, Joanne Emerson
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Who is Regenerating YOU? Tools for Succession Planning

This interactive workshop is for farmers, ranchers and educators. We will discuss several...
Presenter(s): Margaret Fulton, Mary Campbell, Annie Main
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

“The Big Gulp”: California's Central Valley Intensifies Aquifer Rechar...

Emeritus UC Davis hydrogeologist Graham Fogg has received recent attention for his discovery of ‘...
Presenter(s): Graham Fogg, Don Cameron
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

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Session: D | 10:30 am

"Sweet Spot": Mid-Scale Farms Adopt More Diversification Practice...

A research team led by UC Berkeley's Tim Bowles and UC Santa Barbara's Liz Carlisle found that...
Presenter(s): Liz Carlisle, Timothy Bowles, Kenzo Esquivel
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Challenges from Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE)

As the Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE) initiative comes closer to being finalized, new...
Presenter(s): Emily Musgrave, April Crittendon
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Cómo Prepararse para la Declaración de los Impuestos de 2022

Este taller repasará el "Organizador de Impuestos Agrícola de FarmLink", una nueva herramienta de...
Presenter(s): David Mancera, Vicky Garcia-Moya
En Español / In Spanish

Developing Commercial Tomato Varieties with Superior Flavor

Commercial tomato farming is primarily concerned with production traits – higher yield of...
Presenter(s): Steve Peters, Kanti Rawal
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Financial Management of Labor: Tools and Practices

Labor is often the largest expense on the farm. We at Kitchen Table Consultants know that...
Presenter(s): Rebecca Frimmer
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Integrating Animals into Cropping Systems

Farmers have known about the benefits of grazing animals in their fields since the dawn of...
Presenter(s): Dr. Fred Provenza
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

SGMA, Drought, and Family Farms

This panel of farmers and a well-driller will discuss some of the potential pitfalls of the...
Presenter(s): Annie Main, Ali Main, Matt Angell, Robbie Jaffe
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Suelos Saludables – Sistemas Vivos y Dinámicos

La salud del suelo permite tener tierras productivas y capaces de resistir plagas y enfermedades...
Presenter(s): Aidee Guzman, Laura A. Murphy, Sacha Lozano
En Español / In Spanish

The National Right to Food

There is a dominant narrative about why 40 million Americans are food insecure and small farmers...
Presenter(s): Alison M. Cohen, Rita Chang

Wildlife Defense In Depth

Farms on the edge of wilderness experience wildlife challenges that are rare in broad-acre...
Presenter(s): Steve Sprinkel, Helen Atthowe
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

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Session: E | 1:30 pm

Another Try at Succession for the Organic Movement

Usually, we think about succession as an individual or business by business problem. This session...
Presenter(s): David Lively, Joe Rogoff
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Cultivando su equilibrio interior para la agricultura y la vida

En este taller, aprenderá cómo apoyar su propio bienestar mental y emocional para que pueda...
Presenter(s): Elena Velez
En Español / In Spanish

Experiences with Eco-friendly Packaging

Organic growers face a lot of pressure and challenges in using eco-friendly packaging. Lakeside...
Presenter(s): Dick Peixoto, Erika Frayser, Oliver Griss
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Finding a Good PCA and Supporting More of Them

The best Pest Control Advisor (PCA) strives to incorporate the health of the crop and the...
Presenter(s): Gina Colfer, Peter Goodell, Prudy Foxx
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Increasing USDA Support for Organic & Transitioning Farmers

In June 2022, USDA announced a new initiative to help farms transition to organic production. The...
Presenter(s): Abby Youngblood, Jessy Beckett Parr, Allison Johnson, Gayle Barry

Integrating Livestock, Cover Crops and Compost in Orchards

In 2021 CAFF began a 2-year on-farm research trial with Sierra Orchards in Winters, CA to better...
Presenter(s): Sara Tiffany, Sean McNamara
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

La agricultura durante la temporada de incendios forestales: un taller prác...

A lo largo de los Estados Unidos, el cambio climático contribuye a que los incendios forestales...
Presenter(s): Ana Galvis, Amber Schat, Dom Sullivan
En Español / In Spanish

Managing Soil Health for Plant Health and “One Health”

How can we measure and manage soil health for plants, animals, humans, and ecosystem health? Come...
Presenter(s): Timothy Bowles, Scott Park, Joji Muramoto, Peter Henry
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Saving Allensworth with Cooperation and Regenerative Agriculture

The town of Allensworth was founded 1908 for and by Black people in California. This presentation...
Presenter(s): Dennis Hutson, Kayode Kadara , Valerie Gorospe
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

The Global Consolidation of Seed Ownership: Should We Be Concerned?

In the past few years we have witnessed the greatest amalgamation of agricultural seed companies...
Presenter(s): Kristina Hubbard, Kristyn Leach, Andrew Still
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

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Session: F | 3:30 pm

A Practical Guide to On Farm Participatory Research

The long-held convention of researchers working in isolation from farmers, ranchers, and land...
Presenter(s): Sarah McCullough, Ruth Dahlquist-Willard, Margaret Lloyd, Maggie Mason, Michael Yang, Tom Willey
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

An Equitable Multi-pronged Model to Localize Food Justice

For 3 years Esperanza Community Farms has operated a community-based farm in Watsonville, CA that...
Presenter(s): Guillermo Lazaro, Mireya Gomez-Contreras
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

Bad Ass Equipment Mechanic 101: NT Drill and NT Planter Demo (Discussion Gr...

You've heard about the sexiest thing in farming; no-till equipment. But, what exactly is it and how...
Presenter(s): Melissa Sorongon, Jason Diven, Nic Podoll
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Breaking! California’s Roadmap Away from Toxic Pesticides

We are finally at the threshold of real action against toxic pesticides! California created a...
Presenter(s): Margaret Reeves, Pam Marrone , Julie Henderson, Ron Whitehurst
Pests, Beneficials, Ecosystems

Cumplir con las cambiantes normativas sobre agricultura orgánica e inocuida...

Todos los productores deben pensar en la inocuidad alimentaria, independientemente de su tamaño y...
Presenter(s): Humberto Maldonado, Adolfo Bucio
En Español / In Spanish

Farm Bill Town Hall

*Spanish Interpretation Provided Policy is on the plate in 2023 and the Farm Bill is the main...

Farm to Institution: Successes, Challenges & Considerations

Institutions play critical roles in creating robust regional food systems by directing their...
Presenter(s): Santana Diaz, Vanessa Zajfen, Jacob Weiss
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

Growing Figs

Figs are a great crop by themselves or as part of a diversified orchard. With good variety...
Presenter(s): Zea Sonnabend, Bob Steinacher
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

Land Repurposing in the Central Valley

California has invested $50 million in a new Multibenefit Land Repurposing Program that is...
Presenter(s): Jeff Mitchell, Madeline Harris, Vicky Espinoza
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Reunión comunitaria sobre la Ley agraria

La política es lo que nos espera en 2023 y el plato fuerte es la Ley agraria. Con el presupuesto...
En Español / In Spanish

Women/Womxn in Food and Agriculture

Join this facilitated discussion and connect among women and womxn attending the conference. *Women...
Presenter(s): Dru Rivers, Dina Izzo, Rebecca North
Equity, Food, Health, Community

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Movimiento Restaurativo para el Bienestar

8:00-9:00am Elena Vélez es Intérprete Médica Certificada y es fundadora del Taller Restaurativo...

Mujeres en la Agricultura (Grupo de Discusión)

Únase a esta discusión bilingüe y conéctese con otras mujrxs trabajando en la agricultura. Grupo de...
Presenter(s): Dru Rivers, Dina Izzo, Rebecca North
En Español / In Spanish

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Session: G | 8:30 am

Addressing the Risks of Pesticide Contamination in Pollinator-Attractive Pl...

Are you Planting for Pollinators with pesticide treated plants? When someone cares about the...
Presenter(s): Sharon Selvaggio, Terry Oxford, Joanna Letz
Permaculture, Gardening, Education

Gardening as if the Climate Matters

Whether you call it, "ecological", "fossil free" or "climate wise" landscaping, it is time to...
Presenter(s): Ken Foster, Ginny Stibolt
Equity, Food, Health, Community

Kernza: The Perennial Grain We All Should Grow

In 1983, using Wes Jackson’s vision to develop perennial grain crops as inspiration and guidance,...
Presenter(s): Paul Lightfoot, Luke Peterson, Elizabeth Whitlow
Soil, Production, Crops, Livestock

The Farm Labor Dilemma: Braceros or Cooperators?

For our farming system to be worth sustaining, a fundamental transformation is needed to make...
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Henderson, Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli, David Bacon
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation

What is a Food Hub REALLY?

What is a food hub, really? In this workshop we will hear from those on the inside of farmer-led...
Presenter(s): Donald Sherman, Keng Vang
Farm Business, Marketing, Regulation



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