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Scholarship Program

Programa de Becas para la Conferencia de EcoFarm 2023

EcoFarm se compromete a fomentar el liderazgo inclusivo en nuestro movimiento hacia un sistema alimentario justo y sostenible.

Solicite aquí una beca para asistir a la Conferencia EcoFarm en enero de 2023.

Las solicitudes de becas se aceptarán hasta el lunes 5 de diciembre de 2022. Los solicitantes serán notificados por correo electrónico antes del 9 de diciembre de 2022.

Las personas que se identifican como negro, indígena y de color o lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender se les anima a aplicar

Las solicitudes de los becados anteriores solamente serán consideradas 3 años después de la otorgación. Por ejemplo, si usted recibió una beca en el 2020, por favor no haga una solicitud otra vez hasta el 2023. Los solicitantes que no recibieron un galardón pueden volver a solicitar cuando gusten.

Por favor no se inscriba para la conferencia hasta que usted reciba notificación sobre su beca, siendo que no podremos hacer reembolsos.

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Scholarship Program - EcoFarm Conference 2023

EcoFarm is committed to fostering new leadership in our movement to advance just and ecological farming and food systems.

Apply here for a scholarship to attend EcoFarm Conference in January 2023. Please note, that due to funding constraints this year we are offering full conference scholarships for English speaking participants to a very limited number of applicants.

Scholarship applications will be accepted through Monday, November 21st, 2022. Applicants will be notified by email by Thursday, December 1, 2022. 

BIPOC and LGBTQAI++ are encouraged to apply.

Please note that applications from former scholarship recipients will only be considered 3 years after the year of your scholarship. For example, if you received a scholarship in 2021, you are not eligible for a scholarship again until 2024. Applicants who have not received a scholarship may re-apply at any time.

Questions? Contact


Donate to the EcoFarm Scholarship Fund

Every year, the number of deserving applicants far exceeds the amount of scholarships we can provide. Please support the EcoFarm Scholarship Fund to support the next generation of EcoFarmers in attending the conference!


Scholarship Story

By Kimberly Licurse, Scholarship Awardee 2021
Organic Farmer & Permaculture Designer
Liberty Farms, Ghent, NY
"This was my first year attending the EcoFarm Conference and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to attend. Personally, a high point of the conference was the workshop on Indigenous Perspectives. There is a violent, misrepresented history of exploitation and injustice in the United States, that lives at the very heart of our institutions. Calling these injustices out by name and exploring reciprocal pathways forward is foundational for deconstructing and rebuilding our food system. I thank the women of the Indigenous Perspective workshop for sharing their wisdom and experiences. With permission, I’d like to pass on their stories of resilience and unwavering commitment to intuitive traditions. This is where we start to build a better future of food."

Scholarship Story

By Shira Dedman, Scholarship Awardee 2021
Mediator/Food Justice Advocate, Storyteller, Educator
Lancaster, CA
"While I gained knowledge from the speakers and panelists of the 2021 EcoFarm Conference, I was amazed about how much I learned from the participants. I'm still getting acclimated to virtual events, and wasn't sure how much I would get out of the conference without an in-person experience (since this is how I best learn). But it was a good experience being able to communicate with other participants via the chat (who were often very knowledgeable about the subject in their own right), and also to pose questions as they came up-- instead of having to wait for the post presentation Q&A designated time. For instance, I found this to be especially true in "Reconnecting Markets & Finding New Ways to Feed Communities During COVID-19." This was one of my favorite, learning-dense sessions. Additionally, my other favorite, learning-dense session was the Discussion Group: Organic and Regenerative Ranchers and Processors."