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Diversity Advisory Group

Diversity Advisory Group (DAG)

In an effort to achieve a more inclusive culture at EcoFarm, the Ecological Farming Association has established a Diversity Advisory Group which has set up immediate and long term equity goals for the annual EcoFarm Conference.

DAG Members

Karen Adler, Sarah Arndt, Robina Bhatti, Lisa Bunin, Susana Cabrera-Mariz, Thea Maria Carlson, Hank Herrera, Dina Izzo, Joy Moore, James Nakahara, Rebecca North, Diego Ortiz, Sofia Pablo-Hoshino, Carla Rosin, Peter Ruddock, Shakirah Simley, Chanowk Yisrael, Amy Wu, Javier Zamora.

Measuring Diversity at EcoFarm

EcoFarm makes an effort to measure diversity among participants, speakers, and scholars that attend EcoFarm Conference. Click the links below for more detailed information.

2020 Snapshot

2019 Snapshot

2018 Snapshot

2017 Snapshot

Diversity & Equity related topics presented at EcoFarm Conference over the past 5+ years.