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EcoFarm Sustie and Justie Award Recipients


The Sustie: Steward of Sustainable Agriculture

EcoFarm developed the Sustie Award to honor those who have been actively and critically involved in ecologically sustainable agriculture. These Stewards of Sustainable Agriculture have demonstrated their long term, significant contributions to the well-being of agriculture and the planet.

The EcoFarm Board of Directors votes to honor three individuals, couples, or groups at each ceremony. Each Sustie trophy is an intricately hand-carved gourd, inscribed with the name of the recipient, crafted by Gretchen Ceteras of Blue Heron Farm in Rumsey, CA.

Past Recipients of the Sustie Award

1988: Everett Dietrick, Lundberg Family, Bargyla Rateaver

1989: Stuart Fishman, Wes Jackson, KayThornley

1990: Russel Derber, Robert Rodale, Kalita Todd & Amigo Cantisano

1991: Al Jacobsen, Marty Strange, Dick & Elizabeth Harter

1992: Mark Lipson, Helga & Bill Olkowski, Veritable Vegetable

1993: Yvonne Frost, Charles Walters, Tom & Denesse Willey

1994: Will Allen, Ralph Jurgens, Russel & Karen Wolter

1995: Michael Funk, Paul Muller & Dru Rivers, Van Dyke Family

1996: Bill Mollison, Alan Kapuler, Pavich Family

1997: Gene Kahn, Elizabeth Martin, The Frey Family

1998: Cathrine Sneed, Warren Webber, Zea Sonnabend

1999: Jeff & Annie Main, Orin Martin, Lynn Miller

2000: John & Cynthia Jeavons, Michael Sligh, Wendy Johnson & Peter Rudnick

2001: Michael Abelman, Alice Waters, Jim Nelson & Teri Chanterai

2002: Mark Mulcahy, Ken & Diane Whealy, Gloria & Steven Decater

2003: Vandana Shiva, Sibella Kraus, The Straus Family

2004: Phil & Katherine Foster, Kate Burroughs & David Henry, Dahinda Meda

2005: Judith Redmond, Andy Scott & Carolyn Brown, Eliot Coleman & Barbera Damrosch

2006: Bob Scowcroft, Doug Gosling, Kristie Knoll

2007: George Siemon, Jesse Cool, UCSC Farm & Garden Program

2008: Tony Azevedo, Jo Ann Baumgartner & Sam Earnshaw, David “Mas” Masumoto

2009: Larry Jacobs & Sandra Belin, Christine & Dale Coke, Organically Grown Company

2010: Terry & Carolyn Harrison, John Williams, Kathleen Merrigan

2011: Miguel Altieri, Nash Huber, Gabriel Howearth

2012: Paul Cultrera, Jim & Harlan Meyer, Carl Rosatto

2013: Jim Riddle & Joyce Ford, Mark Squire, Steve Sprinkle & Olivia Chase

2014: Thomas Whitman, Anne Schwartz, Jeff Larkey

2015: Wendy Krupnick, Sam Farr, Jerry and Jean Thomas

2016: Frank and Karen Morton, Susan Clark, Ken Kimes and Sandra Ward

2017: Richard and Evelyne Rominger, Dick Peixoto & Family, Harriet Behar

2018: Sally Fox, Gary Nabhan, Dave Runsten

2019: Russ Lester & the Lester Family, Dr. Pamela Marrone, Will Scott Jr.

2020: Lynn Coody, Leonard Diggs, Rosie & Ward Burroughs

2021: Ben Burkett, Diane Dempster, Rowen White

2022: Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), David Katz, Karen Van Epen, Richard Smith


The Justie: Advocate for Social Justice in Sustainable Agriculture

EcoFarm developed the Justie Award to honor those who have been active advocates for social justice as a critical aspect of ecologically-sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Past Recipients of the Justie Award

 2005:    Don Villarejo

 2006:    Jim Cochran

 2007:    Monica Moore

 2008:    Andy Fisher

 2009:    Dolores Huerta

 2010:    Percy Schmeiser

 2011:    Anna Marie Carter

 2012:    Anne López

 2013:    Sister Miriam Therese MacGillis

 2014:    Elizabeth Henderson

 2015:    Michael O’Gorman

 2016:    Homeless Garden Project

 2017:    Rosalinda Guillen

 2018:    Dr. Gail Myers, Winona LaDuke

 2019:    Melissa K. Nelson, Doron Comerchero and FoodWhat!?

2020:    Lauren Augusta, Joy Moore

2021:    First Nations Development Institute, Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project

2022:    Dr. Isao Fujimoto