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Genetic Engineering

The Ecological Farming Association is deeply concerned that the development and release
of genetically engineered crops worldwide has progressed rapidly with inadequate oversight, 
scant safety testing, and minimal public debate. We strongly support a halt to the approval, 
commercialization, or release of GE crops under the current system that comprises woefully 
inadequate self-regulation by the GE industry. We want to insure that no GE crops are 
released without adequate long-term, independent testing about their effects on health and the 
environment. The decisions that we make now about genetic engineering in food crops will have 
permanent consequences on our local food production system and the legacy we leave behind 
for our children and grandchildren.

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EcoFarm's Position on Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

The Ecological Farming Association has serious concerns that the development and release of 
Genetically Engineered (GE) crops around the world has rapidly progressed with inadequate government 
oversight, scant independent health and environmental safety testing, and minimal public debate. We 
believe that food security and the economic viability of farming are best achieved through the application 
of ecological principles and the adoption of policies that benefit all participants in the food system. We 
call for the development of government agricultural policies that reflect a commitment to innovation in 
ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable agriculture.