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Grain Growers Cooperative

The goal of this group is to support local and heritage grain growing, milling and processing. Demand is growing regionally for heritage grains that can't be met with current production/resources. The primary limits to growth are equipment, infrastructure, and seed. The Grain Growers Cooperative is working with established regional grain groups to explore how to support these needs.

Grains are an important part of our diet, great for diversifying a farm's ecosystem, beneficial for the soil, and can cycle a winter crop out for summer crops. It’s a product that can be sold in the summer or the winter. For diversified farms, one can have animals graze on the young sprouts or use them as chicken feed. They are great for carbon storage in the grains and in the stalks. Many grains are drought tolerant, such as millet and Sonora wheat.

For an overview of what's happening with heritage grain production in California, download the PDF presentation by Farmer Mai, 2016 EcoFarm Fellow and EFRA member of the Grain Growers Cooperative.