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Agricultural Program Coordinator at Sweet Farm Foundation - 12859

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Agricultural Program Coordinator
Sweet Farm Foundation
131 Tunitas Creek Rd
94019 Half Moon Bay , CA
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Job Description: 

Sweet Farm is a veganic, 2 acre production farm that practices low till/no till agriculture and permaculture ideas such as intercropping, crop rotation, and hydrozoning. We are hiring an Agricultural Coordinator to assist with the implementation of Sweet Farm’s Plant Production & Education Programs. Working closely with the Farm Manager and in collaboration with staff leaders, the Ag Coordinator will plan and oversee the production of the plants as well as play an assisting role in educational outreach.
The coordinator has primary responsibility for the planning, coordination and implementation of Sweet Farm’s agricultural crop production goals. This includes using our pre-made farm map to track the location of our plants and create a functional crop rotation plan that also includes intercropping and hydrozoning methods. Additional responsibilities include creating educational materials (articles, presentations, etc) on agricultural subjects and guiding volunteers through daily farm activities.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Specific duties performed would include:
Assist in the planning and implementation of an agricultural production plan from “seed to sale”: propagating and planting, insect and weed control, irrigation planning and implementation, compost tea production, fertility monitoring and general field observation and cultivation activities
Create annual crop plans broken down week by week; keeping in mind crop rotation, companion planting, and hydrozoning
Assist in the continuous production of our 20,000 gallon ASP composting system
Maintain our seed catalog
Take volunteers through agricultural activities (such as weeding, bed making, planting, and harvesting) step by step and educate them on the science and logic behind each step
Give presentations to our members and corporate sponsors on agricultural subjects such as composting, seeding saving, weed identification, etc
Write bimonthly articles that we publish on our website
Conduct research on any weeds, pests, and diseases that exist in our fields
Participate in the development of agricultural-themed events and workshops at the farm.

Education & Experience: 

Two years of experience in Agriculture preferred.

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume to

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