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Agrihood Farm Manager at Twin Buttes Farm - 10688

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Agrihood Farm Manager
Twin Buttes Farm
690 Twin Buttes Ave.
81301 Durango , CO
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Southwest Colorado Agrihood seeking Farm Manager. >1 acre of 30" permanent raised beds under lo/no-till management. Greenhouse and hoophouse, small layer flock, top-bar apiary, perennial flower and shrub margins. Markets majority wholesale to local restaurants and natural food stores, while increasing retail sales with on-site farm stand.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Farm Operations Management- Utilizing seasonal farm labor Implement organic, regenerative, or biological growing practices to ensure the future health of the soil, water, and customers. Plan season-long vegetable production using successions of direct seeded and transplanted crops to adequately meet needs of markets. Anticipate bed-preparation, irrigation, and cultivation needs etc. in all plots to maintain consistency in product throughout season. Mitigate production strain on soil through use of regular cover crops and compost applications where appropriate. Maintain constant awareness of growth stages in produce to target optimum harvest.
• Sales and Revenue Management- Manage current customer base (wholesale and retail/online) while attracting new customers and revenue streams through various marketing and promotional strategies endorsed by both the Board. Open, close and fulfill orders on the online farm stand. Respond promptly to questions from customers, accounts and management via email and phone. Generate content to add to weekly newsletter.
• Recordkeeping Maintain detailed notes and sketches pertaining to overall planting schemes, fertility management, purchases and sales for clear and concise future reference.
• Personnel Management Efficiently utilize staffing and volunteers for the farm operations including acquisition, pay-rates, and deployment. Hold regular meetings to maintain morale and dialogue. Recruit and hire labor to adequately meet production needs. Approve staff hours bi-weekly and maintain a summary log of staff labor utilized during the growing and harvesting season
• Infrastructure & Maintenance Monitor the efficient utilization of necessary resources to maintain a healthy and safe environment while maintaining a tidy aesthetic and producing an optimal annual yield. Address needs of, and repair when necessary, farm related vehicles, equipment, buildings, fences, and irrigation infrastructure in timely manner with either on-site labor or hired out, whichever is most cost and time effective with respect to the budget and Manager’s judgement.
• Safety Provide a safe environment for staff and others that visit the farm. Anticipate and correct dangerous work habits of staff. Continue to use USDA Food Safety Rule as guide for food-safe operations in field and post-harvest areas.
Compensation: Commensurate with experience. Hourly, average 50 hrs/wk April-November, occasional hours in winter for planning and maintanence.

Education & Experience: 

Minimum of 4 years’ experience in small-scale market farming
Supervisory experience of multiple employees
Sound base knowledge of organic practices and food safety

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