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Animal Control Technition/shipper at Gophers Limited - 13001

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Animal Control Technition/shipper
Gophers Limited
303 Potrero Street Swt 39
95060 Santa Cruz , CA
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Job Description: 

Gophers Limited has been working with animal control, small and large, teaching and using techniques that do not use any poisons. One of our main target animals is, of course, gophers. We also sell and ship gopher wire, baskets and other equipment to help with this problem. We need someone that likes to be in gardens, on farms and residences. Also we need help shipping our goods, some that are heavy (55 lbs). We are looking for one or two part timers who have a vehicle and are willing to learn about this business.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Controlling gophers, moles and other small animal problems (we will train you). Shipping and packaging online orders, computer skills are a plus. 10-20 hours per week with a fairly flexible schedule. Please see our website to learn more about this business

Application Instructions: 

Please send an email to explaining your interest and abilities. Resumes are fine but if you have a gardening or farming background that would be desirable.

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