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Apprentice at Boston Area Gleaners - 12985

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Boston Area Gleaners
91 Martin St
01720 Acton , MA
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Position Description
An Apprentice is responsible for harvesting and packing produce to be distributed throughout the MA hunger relief chain, in addition to assisting volunteers on gleaning trips. An Apprentice must have an aptitude for physical labor and enjoy working in all New England weather conditions. They should exhibit an eagerness to learn about the Regional Food System and all aspects of BAG’s work. They should be good humored, think on their feet, and contribute to a reactive and fast-paced workplace. An Apprentice should be excited to primarily work as part of a team, but comfortable working independently on occasion.

Boston Area Gleaners is committed to supporting an equitable, just, and sustainable local food system. By working closely with farmers, volunteers, and hunger relief agencies, we work to power a supply chain from farms to those in need, reduce food waste, and promote long-term farm sustainability. We are excited to grow our team of staff who are personally aligned and committed to BAG’s mission. We expect all staff members to demonstrate a high level of reliability, commitment, and efficiency in their work.

Compensation & Benefits:
The pay rate for this position is $15/ hour. An Apprentice is a seasonal and non-exempt position. This position requires 32-40 hours/ week and over the course of a four-day workweek. An apprentice is a seasonal position (July – November) in which hours peak during the growing season, while hours are reduced during the shoulder months. Overtime rate of (1.5x hourly rate) is paid for time worked over 40 hours/ week. Benefits include sick time, holiday pay, gear reimbursement, and seasonal produce.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Farm Crew
• While BAG primarily harvests and packs produce grown in MA, there may be opportunities to assist with farm tasks for our partners, such as bed prep, transplanting, and weeding. This includes assisting with a variety of farm tasks at Stonefield Farm, where our facility is located.
• Ensure proper product handling and packing while complying with all food safety policies and protocols.
• Ensure product quality standards are consistently met during harvests and repacks.
• Improve efficiency throughout all stages of the work by using problem solving skills, developing harvest goals, and holding the team to a high level of accountability.
• Ensure a culture of safety while practicing ladder-work during apple season and using first-aid knowledge.
Assist on Gleaning Trips
• Support trip leader with facilitation of gleaning trips by preparing supplies, communicating clearly with farmers, setting up for the trip, truck organization, and record keeping.
• Instruct volunteers on proper handling, packing, safety, and quality standards.
• Motivate groups of volunteers to achieve harvest goals.

Facility and Operational Tasks
• General upkeep, cleaning, and organization of BAG’s facility.
• Post trip tasks include unloading product, organizing and sorting supplies/ tools, and sweeping out the truck box.
• Food safety tasks include cleaning and sanitizing used tools, supplies, and facility spaces.
• Banana box reworks, pallet sorting, and organization of storage spaces.
• Assisting with compost at Stonefield Farm as needed.

Culture of Learning & Teamwork
• Contribute to discussions in a variety of learning environments including the classroom, on-farm, or at partner agencies.
• Complete weekly blogs or small projects to share with the apprentice crew and the BAG community.
• Contribute to a culture of team effort by motivating your coworkers, understanding individual’s needs, and building relationships.

Other Duties as Assigned
• BAG is a small non-profit where a “pitch-in” spirit is expected. Assistance on additional projects or tasks may be required in addition to normal responsibilities. This may include the operation of manual, electric pallet jacks, and pick-up trucks in which training would be provided.

Education & Experience: 

• Basic computer competency including (for blog/ email)
• Basic iPhone competency
• First Aid knowledge (training is provided)

Preferred Qualifications & Experience
• Demonstrated interest in food systems, farming, food access, and/or hunger relief
• Knowledge of local fruit and vegetable varieties
• Food handling experience
• Customer service or similar experience
• Experience working with groups while motivating them toward a common goal
• Able to work in a variety of weather conditions from hot, humid summer days to cold, wet fall days
• Able to repeatedly lift 60+ pounds in various conditions

Application Instructions: 

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to with the job title in the subject line.

BAG is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to a diverse workplace. We recruit, train, and promote candidates based on their qualifications regardless of race, color, religious creed, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran or military status, genetics, or other status protected by state or federal law.

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