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Assistant Farm Manager at Q Farms - 9180

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Assistant Farm Manager
Q Farms
63 Jackson Hill Road
06069 Sharon , CT
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Job Description: 

Q Farms is looking for a high energy person to join our management team. Our Q is located in Sharon, Connecticut – just two hours north of New York city. We have been in operation for 4 years and have learned a lot about what we believe in and what we are good at. Our farm seeks to employ regenerative farming practices and currently raises on pasture 100% grass fed cattle, laying hens, broiler chickens, pigs and bees. We also have planted a few thousand nut trees and two small fruit orchards. It is our goal this year to reassess the mix of our animals and levels of production to evaluate our stewardship of our land in order to better determine what the best use of our land is in terms of soil health and producing quality, nutritious foods for our local community. We are looking for a high energy person that is a team player that wants to help us achieve our next level of growth. We want to focus on building a farm that optimizes our land to its highest and best use – focusing on soil health, the welfare of the animals and nutritious food. We want to make the right investment in our land and farm practices to build a sustainable operation. It is our goal to have outreach programs to our community to help everyone make the best food choices.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

We are looking for an experienced team member to become a part of the Q Farm, 8 member team. The role would have the following responsibilities that can be modified to fit the background and skills of the applicant. Ultimately, we are looking for skilled, highly motivated, hardworking people. The specific roles are easier to adjust then finding people with a passion for what we do. Our proposed list of responsibilities include:

Team Responsibilities: As a team, we all work to support all the livestock and other farm operations including:
- Support Broiler, Layer, Cattle and Pig daily chores with team in season (current footprint);
- Monitoring the health of all animals;
- Support all sales and marketing activities, including attending farmers markets and delivering products;
- Loading animals and driving to Slaughterhouse / cut sheets / pick up, delivery and storage of product;
- Support overall maintenance of farm structures, equipment and tools; and
- Support winter care of Cattle, Pigs and Layers (current/future footprint).

Direct Areas of Responsibilities: We are hoping to round out our team skills with a person that has experience with poultry operations and no till, small scale crop production. Specific responsibilities around this would include:

- Be the team lead on operational aspects of poultry. This would involve working with owners to determine quantity and timing of broilers, size of laying operation, 2020 business plan, ordering chicks and feed, developing pasture rotation plan, managing team performing weekly/daily chores (receiving new chicks, cleaning brooders, setting up new brooders, moving chicks to pasture, daily care, catching broilers for processing and driving to processing, moving egg mobiles, egg wash, fencing). Manage staff of 2-3 team members assigned to broilers and layers including teaching standards for care of these enterprises and ensuring the standards are maintained.
- Work with manager in charge of soil health to make recommendations to enhance soil as it relates to the poultry enterprise – optimal number of poultry, pasture management, cover crops and other soil amendments.
- Evaluate the possibility of a small scale 2020 crop production plan. Consider resources required, benefits of potential crop options, timing considerations, etc. Also, work on a longer-term strategy for rotational crops on the farm taking into consideration the other Livestock and options for enhancing the quality of the soil.
- Support and participate with the team to redefine the strategy and mission of Q Farms. Our focus will be on developing a mission that considers, at its’ core, the health of the soil. We will address the fundamental environmental, nutritional and moral quandaries we face in raising and eating animals. We will look to evaluate (and reevaluate continuously) the best uses of our land. Consideration should be given to our ability to increase carbon sequestration; health of animals, increased rainfall absorption, microbial diversity, economic viability and all aspects of regenerative agriculture practices.
- Support efforts to develop plan for expanded value-added products and/or services such as bone broth, pet food, sausage making, butchery, etc.
- Other potential responsibilities, depending on experience, could include: oversight of nut trees, oversight of fruit orchards, development of silvopasture and compost management.

Education & Experience: 

Masters degree focused on areas regenerative agriculture a plus. We want to ensure our practices are grounded in research based protocols. Experience in evaluating and measuring soil health also a plus.

Application Instructions: 

Please send resume via email to

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