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Assistant Farm Manager at Warren Wilson College - 9743

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Assistant Farm Manager
Warren Wilson College
PO Box 9000
28815 Asheville , NC ,
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Job Description: 

The Assistant Farm Manager works collaboratively with the Farm Manager to direct the overall farm operation in accordance with the mission of the College. This includes oversight of livestock, crops, equipment, general infrastructure, student crew supervision and training, and interaction with the academic departments and the surrounding community. This position is required to work outdoors in all weather conditions, with frequent irregular working hours. This is a full-time exempt position.

Interested candidates should visit our website to learn more details about the position and key areas of responsibility listed in the job description. Please note that priority will be given to individuals who apply by Friday, March 13, 2020 by 5PM EST. Candidates must apply electronically. Please be advised that relocation is not available for this position.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Farm Operations Management
Works as a team player with the Farm Manager to ensure smooth overall operation of the farm.
Takes responsibility for at least two of the following major areas of management as determined by the Farm Manager.
Beef herd - crew supervision and training, scheduling, herd health, breeding, marketing, rations, record keeping, and general management.
Swine herd and poultry flock - crew supervision and training, scheduling, herd health, breeding, marketing, rations, record keeping, and general management.
Equipment maintenance - crew training and supervision in the safe and effective operation of trucks, farm tractors and various implements, as well as the grain combine, chainsaws, weed eaters, lawnmowers, and various hand tools. Train students in safe and effective equipment troubleshooting and repair, carpentry, and welding,
Crop management - crew training and supervision in the timely planting and harvesting of a wide variety of farm crops, including permanent pasture, annual row crops, and winter cereals in keeping with a planned long-term crop rotation. Incorporate student crew into the planning and record keeping aspects of crop management, including the maintenance of fertility and pH levels.
Office and shop management- coordinate the various marketing responsibilities with the student workers, maintain business and general farm records, office and shop equipment (computers, tools, cleaning supplies), spare parts for equipment and projects, etc.
Fencing, buildings, and infrastructure - supervise and train the student crew in the completion of quality fences, building upkeep, road repair, gates, culverts, etc.
Observes safety standards and procedures as required by OSHA and Warren Wilson College.
Coordinates weekend time off and vacation time with the Farm Manager and Crew leaders with the understanding that at several times during the year extraordinary commitments of time will be necessary in order to complete the farm work.

Community Support and Collaboration
Assists the Farm Manager with the cultivation of ties to alumni, the surrounding community, and its current and potential friends.
Works with faculty, staff and students in active experimentation, in other research and in collaboration with academic programs.
Provides support for community celebrations/events and services.
Contributes to a spirit of positive collaboration and innovation by staying up to date on current trends in the field, attending related conferences, networking with regional farmers, and encouraging the cultivation of new ideas and practices on the farm.

Crew Supervision
Works with the Farm Manager to support the work of the crew leaders. (cattle, swine, sheep, shop steward)
Assist the WPO with selection and recruitment of student crew members and provide orientation and training for all student workers to support their professional and educational development.
Coordinate, communicate and monitor student work schedules, and approve student timecards by payroll schedule deadlines.
Maintain professional boundaries with student crew members.
Guide students through the learning and performance goals and evaluations process in a timely manner.
Attend WPO supervisor orientations and retreats and collaborate with the staff of the WPO to problem solve any student crew issues that may arise.
Performs other related duties, as requested.

Education & Experience: 

Associates degree in animal science, agronomy, sustainable agriculture or related area.
Two years’ experience with crop and livestock farming.
Must live within a 20-minute drive of campus.
Previous supervisory experience required.
Possess a demonstrated ability to work with students and encourage their active participation and leadership.
Bachelor’s degree in animal science, agronomy, sustainable agriculture or related area
Previous experience in an educational setting preferred.
Experience working with and supervising college aged students.
Knowledge of OSHA regulations and safety procedures.

Application Instructions: 

Please visit our website to learn more and apply:

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