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Assistant Field Manager at Flocktown Farm - 12876

Job Title: 
Assistant Field Manager
Flocktown Farm
552 Pittstown Road
08867 Pittstown , NJ
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

The Assistant Field Manager works directly under the Head Field Manager and is responsible for ensuring a constant supply of fruits and vegetables for our harvest teams. The Assistant Field Manager helps to create plans, scout fields, and run crews to ensure high yields of healthy crops. The Assistant Field Manager's primary qualification is good vegetable production skills. During the season, the majority of the Assistant Field Production Manager's time may be spent independently doing tractor tillage, cultivation, and bed prep, as well as running transplanting crews, and direct seeding operations.
Housing is available. Benefits include health insurance, 2 months of paid time off in January and February, free produce, bread, and eggs plus a grocery discount.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Assisting the Head Field Manager in their work, which may include:
Determining annual crop needs based on existing spreadsheets and data
Creating crop plan based on existing maps
Ordering seeds
Ordering fertilizer
Creating planting/harvest schedule for the year and updating as needed
Keeping farm planting operations on schedule
Conducting tillage and bed preparation
Running/conducting direct seeding and transplanting operations
Scouting fields for weeds, pests, and other production issues
Scheduling weeding and crop care operations
Running weeding and crop care operations
Recording weather data and planning field operations around weather forecasts
Meeting with harvest manager to discuss supply and harvest issues

Education & Experience: 

At least 3 seasons in a management role on an outdoor vegetable farm (CSA farm experience preferred).
Solid understanding of organic vegetable production methods
Excellent organizational skills
Excellent communication skills
Ability to use Excel and/or Numbers documents
Ability to identify common pests, diseases, and weeds
Ability to operate tractors and use broad range of tractor implements safely and efficiently (chisel plow, disc harrow, water wheel transplanter, plastic layer, etc.)
Ability to perform basic maintenance on tractors and implements
Ability to read and understand weather forecasts
Ability to efficiently manage and motivate up to 10 people during transplanting, weeding, and row cover operations.

Application Instructions: 


Please submit a resume and cover letter via email.

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