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Berkeley Basket Urban Farmer at Berkeley Basket - 3294

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Berkeley Basket Urban Farmer
Berkeley Basket
Berkeley , CA 94707
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Berkeley Basket is looking to hire a part-time urban farmer in the Berkeley Hills, near Gourmet Ghetto.

Seeking Urban Farmer to Run Small Urban Farming Operation and CSA

The Berkeley Basket is a backyard farm in North Berkeley producing weekly baskets of organically grown produce for 6 neighborhood families. Originally founded 10 years ago by Willow Rosenthal, author of The Essential Urban Farmer and Founder of City Slicker Farms. This low input micro-farm and share group require approximately 12 hours of work per week to mostly operate from spring through fall.

We are currently seeking an Urban Farmer to take over starting in early December and start producing in the spring of 2018. The farmer will take over both farming operations and basket preparation and delivery (to the front porch of the house hosting the farm, for pick-up by members). Farmer must be skilled in farming and able to prepare weekly baskets of clean, aesthetically pleasing produce. Previous farmers of the Berkeley Baskets are still local and available for occasional consultation, planning, troubleshooting, and oversight, but the farmer is expected to be able to operate independently.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Farming tasks include:
-Planning, starting and planting a variety of crops with staggered harvest dates to yield adequate quantities and an attractive, useful mix of produce for weekly baskets.
-Keeping seeds, planting and maintaining starts, pruning and weeding beds, organically controlling pests, composting, amending soil, harvesting, cleaning, trimming and preparing weekly baskets.
-Communicating via email with CSA members to announce when baskets are ready for pick up, billing and collecting CSA share fees and other limited communications.
-Directing garden volunteers to support the work of the farm and CSA.
-Management of CSA members, outreach and communications and other administrative tasks associated with the CSA are handled in partnership with the farm’s host family.

Education & Experience: 

Job Requirements:
Training and experience to carry out all Farming tasks independently
Enthusiasm for urban farming and a desire to serve/meet the needs of CSA members
Ability to commit to a reliable schedule and produce weekly baskets from March through November

Additional attributes valued, but not required:
Interest in developing a viable Urban Farming model and sharing it with members of the community
Ability to raise and manage chickens for egg production, mostly for host family and farmer to share
Entrepreneurial interest in expanding the Farm/CSA to include additional garden spaces, items and/or members

Application Instructions: 

$225/week for 40 weeks/year (based on approximately 12 hours @ $18 per hour)

To Apply:
Please send resume and cover letter, by November 26th, to
See and read more about Berkely Basket here:

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