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Business Manager at New Village Farm - 14262

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Business Manager
New Village Farm
Shelbure , VT ,
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New Village Farm is a diverse educational farm located in Shelburne, Vermont. The small raw milk cow and goat dairies, poultry operation, gardens and wilderness areas form an extensive outdoor learning space where people of all ages are invited to actively participate.

Our primary focus is creating opportunities of participation and belonging for youth, as well as fostering connections with the earth, plants and animals. The farm hosts a summer camp, adult and family workshops, farm school, and other year-round programming. Our basic philosophy is that healthy lives and actions are founded in healthy relationships to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world.

Our daily curriculum is dictated by the challenges presented by the land, the seasons, the plants, and the animals. Our agricultural practices are earth centered. Our approach to education is immersive, and restorative. We believe that trust, responsibility, and freedom are essential to growing moral, resilient, and confident children.


We are seeking a strong Business Manager to support us Full-Time in the planning, marketing, and developing of systems and structures that form the interface between customers/participants and the farm. We are looking to depart with our current style of reactive operating and shift towards growing a thriving business. We strive to serve as a model for successful community farming.

We are seeking a natural leader, community builder, and team player who:
--Is detail oriented
--Is able to breakdown big picture projects into manageable steps and delegate them effectively
--Is creative, enjoys problem solving, and can develop strategies and structures to support a lively, growing business
--Can meet financial targets without sacrificing NVF’s values
--Can monetize our strengths without diluting the environment, our program’s integrity or the animals’ welfare
--Can effectively and comfortably promote the Farm’s mission and vision to others
--Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills
--Can work collaboratively, and communicate clearly with staff and volunteers
--Can work independently, anticipate needs, and initiate action, and manage the follow through of various tasks
--Can manage NVF's website (Wordpress), registration software (Jumbula), newsletter (Mailchimp), and customer communications

For more information, please visit

Please apply if you are independent, entrepreneurial and resourceful. We are looking for a person passionate about small, local farming who loves to grow and be challenged. Send a proposal for a 3 month trial, outlining your approach, why you’d be the best candidate, what experience you bring, and your proposed hours and pay. Please send any questions you may have to

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Administrative & Finance