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caretaker/workexchange needed for 20 year old permaculture food forest homestead at Rolling River Farm - 5562

Job Title: 
caretaker/workexchange needed for 20 year old permaculture food forest homestead
Rolling River Farm
PO Box 332, 40312 Hwy 96 Rolling River Farm
Orleans, CA 95556
Job Description: 

Our homestead is a 20 year old dynamic permaculture forest garden which Includes a wide diversity of temperate and subtropical fruit trees, bushes and vines as well as many medicinal and culinary herbs and flowers . We also care for 10-15 goats, 30 chickens, 10-20 ducks, 5-10 turkeys, and honey bees. We own and operate www.fruitwood where we sell propagation wood from our diverse collection of over 1,000 varieties of fruiting plants that we have planted on our homestead. We also contract out to grow native plants locally and we supply our former online nursery with all their propagation wood. We have intensively planted about 2 ½ acres to pomegranates apples pears persimmons, paw paws, peaches plums citrus, cherries, figs olives and jujubes, table (and a few wine) grapes, kiwis and berries, as well as perennial vegetables such as asparagus, rhubarb, horseradish, artichokes, and a large homestead annual garden. Due to our generous Mediterranean climate we are able to grow and reproduce both the classic northern temperate fruiting plants as wells as many sub-tropical fruits. We are very passionate about preserving plant diversity and our homestead reflects that passion
Our location is paradisiacal, a southwest facing slope right above the Klamath River. We use minimal tilling and make extensive use of perennial cover crops and rotational animal grazing throughout our orchard and gardens. Marc has been a homesteader, market farmer and orchardist nurseryman for the last forty years with extensive knowledge in the area of agriculture and horticulture. He also has extensive carpentry experience, knowledge of alternative building and solar power systems. Corrina has been a full partner in managing our homestead, annual and perrinial plantings and on-line businesses for the past 20 years. Together we are working to create a loving, low input, productive and self-sustaining homestead that can also serve as a model for others. We have 2 children, 23 and 12. We are passionate about our family, homesteading and home schooling, the outdoors, simple sustainable living, plants, eating healthy and a TV free environment. In our leisure time we enjoy doing fun things with our kids, hiking in the mountains, making music, swimming in the river and working on craft projects. The spirit of the farm is one of hard work and good family fun. We eat a diet of fresh ground grains, legumes, goat dairy, eggs, and some meat (mostly raised at our farm) for protein.

We are asking for 8-12 hours of work per week depending on the season, and 1-2 days a week on chores + occasional care taking.We are looking for people who are emotionally mature, easy going and good communicators as well as physically fit. Related experience is preferred. A good fit for us would be someone who loves to garden and enjoys spending time working with animals and appreciates animal products and a place to live near the wilderness. In exchange for work, we are providing a place to live in a rustic cabin, many learning opportunities as well as goat milk, eggs vegetables and fruit from the garden. We do not at present supply meat products. Longer commitment is most desirable.

Though it can take a little time, paid work can be found in the area.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

8 hours per week mostly gardening activites but varies depending on time of year. Animal Chores 1-2 days a week. which includes milking (usually 1-3 ) goats, feeding poultry, chicken ducks and Turkeys about 45 minutes. And Caretaking about 1-2 days a month, responsible for overseeing and managing the homestead while we're away.

Education & Experience: 

Some rural and agricultural/horticultural experience preferred.

Application Instructions: 

Please email for an application and more info about us.

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