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Climate & Soil Specialist at Napa Green - 15259

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Climate & Soil Specialist
Napa Green
952 School St. #403
94559 Napa , CA
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Job Description: 

Napa Green is one of six sustainable winegrowing certifications nationwide, and one of only four programs that offers the opportunity for comprehensive, soil to bottle third-party certification for both vineyards and wineries. The Napa Green program has existed since 2004 and became an independent nonprofit in fall 2019. In April 2021, Napa Green rolled out a new Napa Green Vineyard certification, which is the first sustainable winegrowing certification to focus specifically on climate action, regenerative farming, and social equity and justice. Napa Green has set the ambitious goal to work with grower members to become carbon neutral within six years (two certification cycles) and carbon negative, or climate positive, in nine years.

Napa Green currently has one in-house Climate & Soil Specialist dedicated to the Vineyard certification program. Napa Green is also grateful to have a close partnership with the Napa County Resource Conservation District, who has been piloting and leading Carbon Farm Plans (CFPs) and Irrigation Distribution Uniformity Assessments for regional growers for several years. Napa Green is seeking to grow our team and complement the in-house and partner staff with an additional Climate & Soil Specialist who can expand CFP and Irrigation Assessment capacity, and provide critical on-the-ground implementation support to winegrape growers. On the job training is available to build CFP and Irrigation Assessment proficiency, granted the candidate has essential agronomy and soil science expertise.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Conduct grower outreach to encourage and facilitate Napa Green Vineyard certification, answer questions, and provide resources
Facilitate vineyard Carbon Farm Plans, develop recommendations reports, discuss opportunities with growers
Conduct in-row and under vine soil sampling
Facilitate Irrigation Distribution Uniformity Assessments, develop recommendations reports
Provide implementation support for carbon farming practices (e.g., compost, cover crops, conservation tillage, hedgerows, reducing/eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and Integrated Pest Management)
Organize and lead grower educational and training workshops
Assist growers with completion of interim “desk audits” and recertification
Collaborate in identifying and applying for relevant grants
Provide regular progress updates to Executive Director

Education & Experience: 


Bachelor’s degree (or comparable work experience) in crop science, soil science, viticulture, horticulture, agronomy, or a closely related field
5+ years of work experience in the agriculture or natural resource management fields
2+ years of on-the-ground viticulture experience
A practical understanding of principles and practices of sustainable agriculture, including principles of soil health, water conservation, and Integrated Pest Management
A practical understanding of:
Climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation in the California agricultural sector
Common farm equipment, including tractors, tillage implements (including in-row tillers), mowers, herbicide sprayers, seeders, and amendment spreaders
Irrigation scheduling methods and technologies, as well as best practices for water-use efficiency
Soil management practices, including conservation tillage, cover cropping, compost application
Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
Excellent organizational skills, including the ability to set priorities, manage time, work under pressure and manage multiple projects effectively
Strong map-reading skills, including ability to interpret topographic maps and aerial photographs
Strong computer skills, including ability to navigate the internet and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
Desire to embrace the mission of Napa Green and work with growers to rapidly scale climate action and increase resilience
Must be willing to travel locally within Napa County, and regionally within the Bay Area
Must possess a valid driver’s license, good driving record, and proof of insurance at time of hire


Master’s degree in crop science, soil science, viticulture, horticulture, agronomy, or a closely related field.
Experience using COMET tools
Experience with writing, managing, and reporting on grants
Experience with public outreach, community engagement, and communications
Experience with developing educational resources and creating and delivering training programs
Spanish fluency or proficiency
Knowledge of government programs serving the agricultural community
Familiarity with Napa County’s geography, ecology, and environmental issues
Experience with grazing animals (sheep and goats)

Work hours are generally 8-9 A.M. to 4-5 P.M. from Monday through Friday. However, some work outside of these hours may occasionally be required. Office work will either be from home or shared coworking space in downtown Napa. Local travel and field work will be required, almost entirely within Napa County. Must be willing to work outside on uneven terrain in all weather conditions.

Application Instructions: 

Please submit a complete application to the attention of Anna Brittain, Executive Director, Napa Green, Your application should include:

Current Resume/CV
Supplemental questions: Written responses to the following questions:

Describe why you are interested in this position. (150 words maximum)
Describe your experience using sustainable practices on a farm. What sustainable and regenerative practices do you believe California’s vineyard producers could most benefit from and why? (300 words maximum)
A grower has a ten-acre block of 20-year-old winegrape vines that are virus-infested and performing poorly. The grower would like assistance replanting this block to increase soil health, water retention, drought resilience, and on-farm biodiversity. Describe some of the practices and approaches you would recommend they consider. (300 words maximum)

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