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Community Farmer at Maalot Farms - 15291

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Community Farmer
Maalot Farms
14320 Arnerich Rd
95032 Los Gatos , CA
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Job Description: 

Ma’alot Farms operates in Los Gatos, CA on the periphery of Silicon Valley. The land is entrusted to Rabbis Philip and Shoshana Ohriner and their family who have homesteaded there since 2019 and are the founders of Ma’alot Farms. The Ohriners are deeply committed to the values and teachings of Judaism and food justice. They have dedicated their life’s work to sharing these values within their concentric circles of community. After years of study, planning, and building with leaders in regenerative agriculture, water conservation, and in partnership with the local ecosystem, Ma’alot Farms is entering the implementation phase of its extensive 16-acre, polyculture based farm plan.

Ma’alot Farms envisions a world repaired by cultivating and elevating a commitment to ecological sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and the sharing of abundance. Ma’alot Farms models these values and provides hands-on educational opportunities exploring sustainable living, resilient food production, self-sufficiency skills, and earth-based Judaism. Ma’alot Farms' plan includes fruit and nut tree orchards in silvo-pastures with rotational grazing of sheep, goats, chicken and other livestock, berries, year-round annual and perennial crop growth, vineyards, and pastureland. We are seeking full-time field work positions for someone who share this vision.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The community farmer will report to the Farm Manager.

~ Ability to take direction and work both independently and collaboratively on a team, with transparency and accountability is essential.

~ Applying and/or installing amendments, wire cages, trellises, fencing, landscape fabric, irrigation infrastructure.

~ Work in all areas of our polyculture farm from year-round planting prep, seeding, transplanting, weed and pest management, succession planting, harvesting intensive vegetable production and perennial produce, washing, packaging, and storing produce, pasture maintenance, and orchard maintenance.

~ Desire to lead / own particular aspects of the farm on an ongoing basis, (for ex. propagation, greenhouse, planting, compost, integrated pest management)

~ Willingness to learn how to operate automated irrigation systems.

~ Utilize sustainable organic agricultural methods, including weed and pest management and development of soil structure

~ Set up / maintain infrastructures including fencing, irrigation, basic wood-working

~ Occasionally tend pasture, and care for livestock when needed.

~ Maintain farm equipment, tools, and supplies.

~ Ability to work 1-2 Sundays per month for special events.\

~ Desire to share accrued knowledge and wisdom at community events.

~ Open to a schedule driven by both agricultural considerations as well as the Jewish festival calendar, including Sabbaths

~ Belief in Ma’alot farms’ vision and the change it seeks to bring to our world

~ Contribute to the development of a culture at Ma’alot Farms

Character traits

The successful candidate will have a track record of demonstrating the following character traits:

Communal concern
Receptivity to learning new methods of farming/gardening and sharing existing knowledge of farming/gardening
Sense of humor
Willingness to ask for help or clarification when needed.
Capacity to adapt to ever-changing needs of a new farm project.

Physical Requirements

Walking, standing, reaching, stooping, squatting, lifting up to 50 lbs and working indoors and outdoors in cold, hot or wet conditions on uneven surfaces
Operate machinery and small engines on occasion.
Work with livestock including poultry, goats, sheep, and cattle.
Lift bags and farm supplies up to 50lbs

Education & Experience: 

~ 2 years of relevant farm-based fieldwork experience.

~ Interest in working in soil and water management, integrated pest mitigation, fertility management planning, irrigation development and maintenance.


Wage will be commensurate with experience, ranging from $18-21.50 per hour, for 32-35 hours per week. This includes availability of 1-2 Sundays per month. Lunch will be provided, as well as a food share once a week. Ma’alot Farms will provide ongoing professional development, sick leave, and vacation time, and additional benefits after the first 6 months.

There will be a paid trial day of field work (date TBD) and the position will begin the week of May 1, 2022.

~ Experience with poultry and ruminants, or a desire to learn.

~ Computer skills required for communications and to plan/track farm operations.

~ Basic carpentry and general fix-it skills desired but not required.

~ Enthusiasm for cooking; assisting in the kitchen during times of large food processing desired but not required.

~ Experience working among BIPOC communities, a desire to build a culture of care and inclusivity that contributes to empowering local food systems and communities, willingness to train in and participate in the farming equity and food justice movement.

~ Must speak English.

Application Instructions: 

If you feel you are qualified, and are excited about the potential for this position, please email a cover letter and your resume to

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