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Crops Manager at Black Dirt Farm - 15131

Job Title: 
Crops Manager
Black Dirt Farm
393 Stannard Mountain Road
05842 Stannard , VT
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Job Description: 

The Crops Manager is a critical part of daily and seasonal operations of the farm's crops operation. Specifically, the Crops Manager is in charge of the routine aspects of the produce operation, including executing daily chores, such as watering crops and opening and closing greenhouse, stocking, and rotating the farm stand, and overseeing seasonal help. Weekly tasks include seeding, weeding, and harvesting, as well as washing, packing and delivering orders. Seasonal tasks include soil preparation, pruning and trellising, potting, purchasing seeds and amendments, tool maintenance, and irrigation and greenhouse maintenance and repair. Additionally, the Crops Manager is in charge of harvesting and putting up hay for the year, as well as miscellaneous projects and tasks as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

1. Crop planning, and management of task schedule and execution, including managing seasonal help associated with these tasks
2. Water, ventilate covered crops
3. Soil and Bed Preparation
4. Seeding (starts, and weekly direct seedings of various greens)
5. Weeding
6. Harvest
7. Pruning and trellising tomatoes and cucumbers
8. Compost Tea Brewing and on-going fertility management
9. On-going professional development and systems improvement
10. Time tracking and task refinement
11. Tool care and organization
12. Misc. irrigation, greenhouse and garden bed repair and maintenance, string trimming, etc.
13. Planting, pruning, and amending perennial fruit and nut crops

Wash and Pack
1. Prepare crops - Wash and dry greens and other crops, grade tomatoes
2. Pack Orders
3. Maintain wash and pack area and equipment
4. Time tracking and task refinement
5. Food safety
6. On-going professional development and systems improvement

Farm Stand (June – Sept)
1. Open and close stand
2. Cull and rotate produce, restock
3. Tidy and clean
4. Reconcile cash box
5. Update products and pricing lists
6. Maintain farm stand flower bed and window boxes

Education & Experience: 

1. Hardworking and focused
2. Experience operating tractor
3. At least two years’ experience in vegetable production, preferably in a management role
4. Basic carpentry and plumbing experience (ie comfortable with a drill and skill saw, plumbing fittings, etc.)
5. This job requires the Employee to:
*Lift 50 pounds safely.
*Execute semi-repetitive tasks over time.
*Operate outdoors, in variable weather and temperatures.
*Bend, stoop, and climb stairs.
6. Willingness and experience in managing tasks, including planning, problem solving and repair
7. A desire to master tasks and make excellent products

Application Instructions: 

Please send your resume and three references to
For more information please visit

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