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CSA Market Gardener at Wellspring Charitable Gardens - 17397

Job Title: 
CSA Market Gardener
Wellspring Charitable Gardens
5153 Santa Fe Ave Wellspring Charitable Gardens
95361 Oakdale , CA ,
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Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

As a Market Gardener for Wellspring Charitable Gardens, you will be supporting the physical and mental health of our community. As a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, we donate 100 % of our produce income to benefit children and families in need of counseling. Our staff and volunteers harvest and deliver orders on the same day to local subscribers and schools who desire the freshest farm to table produce. This is a part-time Contract Labor Position. The Market Gardener will be responsible for cultivating beds, planting seed trays, transplanting, direct sowing, controlling for weeds and pests using only natural measures, and on occasion, harvesting and packing produce grown in the market garden. The Market Gardener will work alongside a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who provide the primary labor source for harvesting and distributing garden produce. The Market Gardener will also assist in planning, maintaining irrigation, utilizing farm equipment, and other activities associated with the program.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

- Able to communicate with staff via text, phone, and google documents.
- Flexible, able to make last minute adjustments, and prioritize tasks according to urgency.
- Able to communicate well with staff and volunteers.
- Able to follow written and verbal directions and ask for clarification when needed.
- Able to cultivate soil, plant seeds, transplant and nurture plants, apply natural weed and pest control (no harsh
chemicals), clean and harvest produce when needed.
- Physically able and willing to lift items up to 50 pounds, comfortably bend, kneel, push, pull and safely operate
farm tools and equipment.
- Maintain a positive and attitude teachable.
- Stay focussed, work quickly, carefully and efficiently.

Education & Experience: 

Range of compensation is from $15.00 to $30.00/hour.
No education or experience required for starting wage at $15.00/hour.

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please email us a resume and copy of your business license at or call Cindi at (209) 607-1887. Next, you will be invited to participate first in a phone and then later a working interview at the farm.

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