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Dairy and Education Farm Apprenticeship at Lightroot Community Farm in partnership with Quivira Coalition - 14174

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Dairy and Education Farm Apprenticeship
Lightroot Community Farm in partnership with Quivira Coalition
80301 Boulder , CO ,
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Light Root Community Farm is a highly diversified small farm located on the edge of a thriving urban area. We are able to direct market all of our products from the farm and the farm has a regular interface with the public through our farmstand, herd share members, and education programs. We work with principles of holistic management to balance the many enterprises on the farm with a good quality of life for our family and farm staff. Efficiency, organization, good communication, an appreciation for details, thoroughness and quality, and animal, plant, soil and human health and well-being are important values of our farm.

An apprentice will have a variety of duties, including but not limited to:

Being involved in the daily operations of the dairy and learn about milking systems, animal husbandry, cow health, breeding, milk house cleaning routines, milk bottling, raw milk testing, barn cleaning and calf care.
Assisting with manure cleaning, compost building and spreading, rotational grazing systems, moveable electric fencing systems, cover crop management.
Feeding, watering, egg collection and packing, electric fence and house moving, and general upkeep of pastured laying hen operation.
Participating in all irrigation systems on the farm by helping to set up, maintain, and operate the irrigation through the season.
Being involved in all aspects of planting, cultivation and weeding, irrigation, harvest, tillage and overall crop production. Our crop systems employ the draft horses for primary soil tillage and some cultivation, especially in the row crops, and we utilize a lot of hand tools in our education gardens.
Participating in the farm’s educational programs, learning how to engage kids and adults into basic work and learning activities on the farm.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Start and End Dates: Start date will be the last week of March and End Date will be Mid-November.

Length of Apprenticeship: ~8 months

Stipend: The stipend is $1000/month and will be paid biweekly thru payroll. The stipend may or may not cover monthly expenses for the apprentice based on his or her needs and lifestyle. The position does not allow time for a second job, so the apprentice should consider his or her budgetary needs before applying to this position. This is a single position and we are unable to accommodate couples, or families at this time.

General work hours: We start each morning at 6:30 am and we finish generally around 6:00pm, with a 2-3 hour break in the afternoons each day. But depending on the season and farm needs these hours will vary.

Housing: Housing is a shared 3 bedroom house located 4 miles from Light Root Community Farm on a nearby ranch property. The house is shared with Light Root Community Farm’s 2 other employees. Each person has their own room and we do expect the shared living space (kitchen, living room, etc.) will be kept clean and tidy by farm staff and apprentices.

Laundry: Available in farm staff/ apprentice house.

Internet availability: WiFi Available in farm staff/ apprentice house. Cell service is good- Verizon works well.

Time off: Apprentices will have 1 ½ days off a week. If an apprentice needs additional days for specific activities, medical appointments, etc. he or she should let the mentors know as soon as possible. Additional days off cannot be guaranteed. Be aware that the farm’s needs dictate workflow over the course of the apprenticeship. It is usually possible to take consecutive days off once or twice during the season, but this needs to be planned well in advance to accommodate the farm calendar.

Visitors policy: Apprentices will be allowed to have visitors however we do not allow extended periods of stay (more than three days), and apprentices should communicate about any visitors with housemates ahead of time. We can be flexible with extenuating circumstances.

Food: Apprentice will be provided with a weekly milk share (1 gallon a week) and 1 dozen eggs, and some seasonal vegetables when they are available from the farm.

Pets: We can not accommodate pets on the farm or in the provided apprentice farm staff/apprentice living space.

Tobacco and alcohol use: We promote a healthy living environment. No smoking, vaping or drugs on the farm or in the farm housing. Occasional beer or a glass of wine on your off-work time is fine.

Guns: No guns allowed, please.

Health insurance: The ranching lifestyle has inherent dangers. While personal health insurance is not required to participate in the apprenticeship program, it is strongly encouraged. Light Root Community Farm carries Workman’s Compensation to cover injuries incurred on the job. But if the apprentice is injured on his or her day off, gets sick, or has or develops chronic conditions like allergies, these types of issues should be covered by personal health insurance.

COVID-19 policy: Because the ongoing Covid concerns are continually changing and evolving, we will plan to discuss how the farm is addressing this need with apprentices.

Ranch vehicles: Farm truck is available for occasional farm projects, but not available for personal apprentice use.

Personal vehicle: A personal vehicle is required for transportation to and from the farm each day since farm apprentice housing is located approx. 4 miles away from the main farm.

Additional items an apprentice should bring: The farm staff/apprentice house is furnished with basic kitchenware and furniture. You will need to bring your own bedding and any personal items to make your space comfortable.

Living in Boulder, CO: Boulder, Colorado is a small city located on the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It is a semi-arid climate with about 19 inches of annual precipitation, over 300 days of sunshine a year, mild winters and hot dry summers. Boulder is known for its abundance of nearby outdoor recreation and culture of healthy living. There is nearby by public transportation and easy access to plenty of natural food stores and general shopping needs. The farm is located off a busy road that is located about 10 minutes east of downtown Boulder. There is an active small farm community in the Boulder area.

Education & Experience: 

Quivira Coalition Activities: This apprenticeship is offered through Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program. The full cohort of apprentices on regenerative ranches and farms across the west will attend an April orientation, participate in supplemental education provided in partnership with Holistic Management International, and attend the annual Quivira Conference, hosted with Holistic Management International and the American Grassfed Association, in November. Apprentices are also required to write several reports during their apprenticeship; these reports will go through the NAP Coordinator at Quivira, and be posted on the Quivira website.

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