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Director of Livestock Operations at Rivendale Farms - 9501

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Director of Livestock Operations
Rivendale Farms
1357 VALLEYVIEW RD, Main Office Rivendale Farms
15019 BULGER , PA ,
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Job Description: 

Rivendale Farms is a diversified farm in Washington County, PA approximately 20 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh. The farm consists of 175 acres overall, with approximately 5 acres in production growing mixed vegetables and herbs, and about 9 acres are currently devoted to our free range flock of laying hens.

Rivendale Farms is looking for a Director of Livestock Operations to direct and supervise our livestock operations (currently 500+ laying hens and a small herd of Highland Cattle, but with plans for growth with additional species.) This position will be expected to oversee front line care of all livestock on the farm, as well as coordinating with Livestock Manager to manage support staff in the daily feeding and watering of animals, management of rotational grazing operations, as well as health monitoring and response. This position will be working closely with other staff on-site, reporting to the General Manager.

This position is salaried, commensurate with experience. Comprehensive benefits package offered, including health, dental, and vision, as well as two weeks paid time off each calendar year.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Responsibilities will include: working with General Manager to design and implement rotational grazing plans; research and development of best practices regarding care and health of herds and flocks; product and supply inventory tracking and supply ordering; supervision of Livestock Manager and additional crew; detailed data entry into on-farm management software; act as support for daily livestock operations; identify maintenance needs of equipment and tools used in livestock operations; coordinate with outside parties and General Manager regarding animal purchasing and selling, veterinary care, etc.; support and participate in on-farm tours and visits in collaboration with Operations Director

Education & Experience: 

3+ years in managing diversified livestock operations
Working knowledge of rotational grazing systems with various species
Working knowledge of various species health and care, including breeding (i.e. sheep, goats, pigs, highland cattle, chickens)
Experience working with various on-farm vehicles (i.e. bobcat, tractors, livestock trailers, feed augers) and equipment (electric fencing, hand tools, etc.)
Able to work in various weather, indoors and out
Interested in the “big picture” of the farm, with specific attention paid to current best practices
Able to communicate well with others, and work as part of a team
Work well independently
Reliable, self-motivated and a positive attitude
Ability to lift over 50 lbs.

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For immediate consideration send cover letter and resume to:

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