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Eco Landscape Crew Members at Community Soil - 9508

Job Title: 
Eco Landscape Crew Members
Community Soil
95404 Santa Rosa , CA ,
Job Type: 
Employment Type: 
Job Description: 

Perform landscape installation/maintenance in/around Sonoma County
Work in and around various landscaping settings/ecosystems
Drive crew to/from/between worksites and perform work alongside crews
Plant Care: PROPER planting, amending, pruning, and diagnosing of plant health issues
Water Systems/irrigation: constructing valve manifolds, drip systems, leak inspection, etc.
Hardscaping: install patio’s, shade structures, dry stack rock walls, paths, trellis’, planters, etc.
Earthwork: install swale systems, rain gardens, creek beds, etc.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

see above

Education & Experience: 

Knowledge/experience with Permaculture-based landscaping
Familiar with California Native Plants
Familiar with edible landscapes and sustainable agricultural systems
Familiar with local BMP’s
Knowledge/experience with rainwater, grey water, drip irrigation systems
Familiar with Organic approach to Integrated Pest Management
Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Application Instructions: 

email resume, cover letter to
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