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Eco-Stewardship Program at Heartwood Institute - 2703

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Eco-Stewardship Program
Heartwood Institute
220 Harmony Lane
Garberville, CA 95542
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Job Description: 

Eco-Stewardship Program in Permaculture, Eco-Arts or Culinary Education

Availability: Flexible Start Dates beginning May 15th 2017, early-bird openings in Permaculture starting April 15th.

Eco-Steward Receives:
-Personalized and collaborative mentorship program in Permaculture, Culinary, or Eco-Arts (Interdisciplinary options available) with a minimum of 8 educational hours per week.
-Permaculture Design Certificate (Normally valued at $850-$1200)
-A digital portfolio that offers a competitive edge in the organic jobs market
-Shared Eco-Friendly Housing (upgrades to private housing available) within an emerging intentional learning community in the “Heart of Humboldt County.”
-Heartwood Meal Plan: 3 organic meals per day 18 days/month prepared by our Culinary Arts Department
-Fresh Produce: Mixed boxes of fresh organic produce 12 days/month.
-Full access to Heartwood Spa Facilities, including sauna, hot-tub, and swimming pool
-Opportunities for hands-on design, implementation, and management of large-scale permaculture projects on a 200-acre retreat center
-Experiential educational extensions, including group and independent research and design projects.
-Opportunities to attend workshops, retreats, and educational opportunities free of charge.* These can count towards educational hours.
-Training in Dynamic Governance, project management, and community leadership

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Eco-Steward Responsibilities:
-$700/month fee to cover the costs of meals, utilities, and housing (internet charged separately based on use)
-$500 housing/program deposit
-Steward must provide their own health insurance
-Steward is responsible for 3.5 hours/week of community support (Such as house healing, dishwashing, groundskeeping, trail maintenance, etc.)
-ELP stewards received a minimum of 32 hours per month of educational training, they are encouraged to participate in hands-on educational extensions hours per week.

Application Instructions: 

Check with program directors for a full description of educational opportunities within your field of interest:

Permaculture: Christina Zawerucha
Culinary Arts: Natalie Varrallo
EcoArt: George Lea

*Subject to space availability and lead instructor’s discretion

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