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Ecological Designer at Bio-Logical Capital - 4312

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Ecological Designer
Bio-Logical Capital
1530 16th Street, Suite 350
Denver, CO 80202
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Job Description: 

Bio-Logical Capital is looking for an Ecological Designer who has great enthusiasm for shifting our culture’s perspectives and values on land use and food systems – whether those green spaces are part of an urban or a rural landscape. We believe that for agriculture to be sustainable it must be designed to build soil productivity and to produce a variety of nutrient-rich crops that produce strong revenues and sustain communities and we require that all of our projects reflect those beliefs. It is essential that the selected candidate for this position has an in-depth understanding of landscape design and construction and is knowledgeable of land management practices that sequester carbon, enliven landscapes, improve nutrition, and maximize the biological properties of soil.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The Ecological Designer will lead the following design related tasks:

*Conduct land studies of all potential project sites, including:
o Ecosystem analysis
o Land use analysis
o Soil and plant community analysis
o Agricultural suitability analysis
o Landform pattern/physiography analysis
o Watershed and storm water analysis
o Additional environmental investigation studies (as defined by specific project scope)

*Lead landscape systems planning, such as:
o Design of all project systems habitats
o Design of agricultural systems (at various scales, including crop and livestock outlines)
o Design of site project infrastructure

*Outline of construction efforts (to inform sub consultants and contractors)
*Recruit, hire and train a Bio-Logical Capital design team and provide ongoing leadership and mentoring for that team
*Identify, interview and hire project consultants and contractors
*Manage project design process from analysis and conceptual land planning through detailed design efforts and ultimate construction

Secondary Responsibilities:
In the context of primary responsibilities listed above, the Ecological Designer will also:
*Provide support for the Chief of Staff on project development to ensure a steady pipeline of project opportunities
*Lead professional development and continuing education for the entire Bio-Logical Capital team on topics including regenerative agriculture, sustainable design, and other land related issues
*Prepare data and inputs to provide to Project Coordinators for their financial and pro forma modeling for any project design work
*Represent Bio-Logical Capital at all applicable conferences and gatherings related to the company’s current and prospective work
*Prepare project reports and project development communication for company officers, project investors, and project owners.

Education & Experience: 

Strong preference will be given to candidates with education and experience the following fields:
*Landscape Architecture (with a systems management focus)
Additionally, we are looking for applicants who have experience in:
*Landscape planning
*Landscape construction
*Agricultural planning
*Vegetable production (specifically Market Garden planning and management)
*Livestock (specifically planned rotational grazing)
*Pasture cropping
*Silvopasture systems
*Edible forest gardens
*Ecosystem analysis
*Management level experience in successful business planning and start-up companies
*Willingness to travel frequently
*Demonstrated experience of business analysis and planning as the foundation for regenerative land use projects and practices
*High level of emotional intelligence and empathy
*Strong communication skills – both written and spoken
*Ability to interact professionally with a broad range of clients and stakeholders
*Exceptional work ethic and ability to accomplish objectives with limited direct supervision
*High level of discretion and diplomacy in all professional interactions
*Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail and systematic, accuracy-driven approach
*High level of comfort in various work situations – i.e. touring a farm or a forest or making an investment presentation in a corporate office setting
*Proficiency with PCs and Microsoft Office applications, especially Microsoft Excel, though knowledge of Mac operating systems preferred
*Minimum of 3 professional references

Application Instructions: 

Candidates should send a cover letter, resume, contact information for three professional references, available start date, and salary requirements to Qualified candidates will be contacted directly – no phone calls please.

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