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Equipment Manager at X-Street Farms - 5725

Job Title: 
Equipment Manager
X-Street Farms
1324 Fitzgerald Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124
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Job Description: 

About X-Street Farms
X-Street Farms is an indoor lettuce farm in San Francisco. Our mission is to decrease the distance food travels by growing food closer to where it's eaten. We only deliver our greens by bike. We work with commercial kitchens to deliver the most nutritious and delicious greens to customers who value unparalleled freshness. Our customers include some of the most award-winning chefs at the best restaurants in San Francisco.

About you
* You are passionate and punctual
* You are systems-oriented and constantly iterating the way you do what you do.
* You do things the right way every time - attention to detail is key
* You don't mind getting your hands dirty - you don't think any task is beneath you - this is not a glamor position

Sterilization happens in one 4-6 hour shift or two 2-3 hour shifts.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

* Sterilize tools and equipment
* Tidy workspace
* Take our trash and compost

Education & Experience: 

No prior education or experience is required. Attention to detail, punctuality and reliability are the critical qualities for this role.

Application Instructions: 

To apply, please email and include a brief note describing why you're perfect for this job. Please include your contact info.