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Facilities and Infrastructure Director at Quail Springs Permaculture - 13220

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Facilities and Infrastructure Director
Quail Springs Permaculture
35070 Highway 33
93252 Maricopa , CA ,
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Job Description: 

This person is responsible for directing the team who manages and maintains the facilities and infrastructure that support our off-grid community and nonprofit. This position is largely self-directed and the right candidate will be able to work independently as well as in collaboration with the community and be responsive to the greater organizational needs.

This position is approximately 30 hours per week, with some weeks being less, and others being more. The successful candidate is self-directed, able to delegate, and thrives with a shifting workload. In addition to the 30 hours per week commitment, we all share in community responsibilities. The Facilities & Infrastructure Director will live and work in the Quail Springs community setting, where there are anywhere from 10-25 other people living and working on the mission of the organization. The site is remote, with limited communications (cell phones do not work, and the internet and phone service are limited to the central area).

Successful applicants are flexible, willing to learn, and have an interest in equitable and resilient community structures. A good sense of humor, excellent communication skills, a collaborative spirit, and an orientation towards leaning in during conflict instead of leaning out will serve the successful candidate in this position.

Prospective candidates must embrace simple, remote rural living in a community while working in a nonprofit organization. Quail Springs has recently adopted a new organizational structure with the aim of empowering all employees with decision-making power in their areas of work and supporting a more equitable, efficient and engaging work environment. We are excited about this new structure and a successful applicant must have an interest in non-hierarchical workplace structures and a commitment to engage with us.

Founded in 2004, Quail Springs is an educational non-profit that sits on a 450-acre permaculture demonstration site in the Cuyama Valley. Quail Springs is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of sustainable human community on land through teaching and demonstration. We believe that land health is human health, and that the lessons of simple living provide direction towards a thriving Earth and society.

The residents and staff of the Quail Springs site and non-profit are a group of makers and thinkers who work together to create regenerative land and community systems. The residents and staff of Quail Springs strive to create a vibrant community and balanced workplace through passion, collaboration, and celebration.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The ideal candidate may not have experience in all systems below, but is looking to learn in the areas in which they are not already proficient.


Maintain solar-voltaic systems, batteries, back-up fuel supply etc.
Maintain solar-thermal hot water systems
Operate well pump, maintain domestic water storage
Maintain greywater systems
Maintain and install basic plumbing and electrical


Support Program Director, Hosting Director & Farm Directors in meeting the needs of the farm and programs
Farm structure maintenance (Gates, Fences & Irrigation)
Coordinate weed whipping and fire wood collection with community
Campground maintenance
Permaculture Plan Implementation


Maintain compost toilets
Coordinate dump runs with community


Maintain records in an organized and accessible manner
Plan & track recurring scheduled maintenance
Plan and track expenditures within a budget


Small engine repair and maintenance
Vehicle maintenance
Structural Building repair and safety
Repair and maintain Natural Buildings and structures.
Teach and delegate tasks to others on the team and in the community

Education & Experience: 

We value relevant life experiences that demonstrate qualifications as much as education.

1+ years experience in a similar position
Management or supervisory experience
Ability to create an inspiring and motivating work environment
Clear and effective communication skills
Flexibility to changing work hours and projects
Ability to create and manage your own schedule
Self-directed and takes initiative on work and projects
Responsive to the changing needs and priorities of the organization & community
A strong spirit of volunteerism and willingness to engage in community chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.)
Enthusiasm for living in community and working collaboratively
Cultural sensitivity and commitment to dismantling systems of oppression
LGBTQ+ folks and BIPOC are encouraged to apply

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