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Facilities Team Manager at Vida Verde Nature Education - 13020

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Facilities Team Manager
Vida Verde Nature Education
3540 La Honda Rd
94074 San Gregorio , CA
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Job Description: 

Position Overview:
This is a full-time and salaried management position, reporting to the (Co-Founder) Director of Facilities & Capital Projects (DFC).
The Facilities Team Manager is responsible for:
● MANAGEMENT of your facilities team that consists of: staff, caretakers, volunteers, and contracted technicians. This management involves leadership, training, planning & coordination, great communication, and the ability to give and receive feedback. The ideal candidate is positive, outgoing, and a professional manager who loves working with people and helping them grow and be proud of their work.
● COORDINATION & ADMIN: planning, creating and following systems of site development and maintenance for three properties. Budgeting, ensuring compliance, writing proposals, and managing contracts in order to maintain and improve the facilities, grounds, animals and equipment for ongoing and future safety, function & appearance.
● COMMUNICATION & RELATIONSHIP: Critical to the success of the this position is the relationship between the Facilities & Team Mgr and the DFC. The Facilities Team Mgr operates in close collaboration and alignment with the DFC and participates in the positive & communicative shared leadership of the organization.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

● Recruit, Hire, Manage & Support your team using Vida Verde management plan.
o Integrate the facilities team and their work with the org’s ongoing activities, and with the rest of the staff at the org.
o Maintain & build relationships with contractors and local businesses
o Plan, prep, execute, & wrap up community volunteer days
● Manage Eight Residents in staff housing, as landlord
● Coordinate all things facilities utilizing the org's 3-year plan, annual goals and staying conscious of student programs, donor/volunteer events and make prioritized, dynamic, weekly plans.
o Communicate with everyone for clarity and to motivate the plans into action, productivity, and reality.
o Track & balance myriad competing priorities on a weekly, monthly, & annual basis.
● Learn & Use the Systems and traditions in place, and over time contributing their own experience and expertise to improve systems of the facilities, and keep careful records.
● Finances: Work within budget guidelines, keep financial records, pay contractors and create project proposals & budgets. Work in concert with the Development Director and Business & Office Manager.
● Manage the Facilities team to complete the following on 35 acres/3 parcels:
● Garden & Orchard full, productive, beautiful and student-focused produce is sent home with students weekly, and projects are prepped for students groups to complete
● Landscaping and site aesthetics maintained to high standard for ongoing use by many stakeholders
● Dwellings, classrooms, outbuildings maintained, repaired and improved
Responsibilities continued:
● Vehicles & machines maintained for safety, commercial compliance, reliability and marketing, with records.
● Farm Animals healthy & productive: milk, eggs, honey, meat, wool for the program.
o Recruit, train, communicate and manage weekly, volunteer goat milkers.
o Goat reproduction, feed, health measures, testing & mgmt/culling.
● Utilities & infrastructure: maintain water supply & treatment, irrigation & plumbing, electricity, heat, driveways, internet, phone, septic, trash, recycling.
● Building Projects Lead and Capital Project Support
● Complete at least one new house/outbuilding construction project/year.
● Support the Capital Project site development -building process ensues 2022.
● Work as a team member and as collaborative leader with Vida Verde staff, embodying org’s values (see below).
o Collaborate with org team for successful events, programs, and other efforts.
o Attend monthly: all staff mtgs, mngrs’ mtgs, and 1:1 mtgs with your supervisor.
● JEDI work (Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion): Contribute to an inclusive culture, commit to the org's JEDI statement. Consult the JEDI Plan specific tactics applicable to your position.
● Weekend duties: Manage wkd caretakers, cover 1 of 4 weekends. Extra work during goat kidding.

● Commitment to the Vida Verde mission & values (quoted below)
● Years of proven personnel management experience
● Communication, leadership, and motivational skills
● Extensive facilities & maintenance knowledge
● Skill with prioritization, organization, coordination of teams, routines, self-discipline
● Ability to communicate in spoken and written English, Spanish
● Contractor and budget management skills, including analytic and negotiation
● Knowledge of and commitment to use of safe practices around land, equipment, children and animals
● Willingness to live and work on site, in rural San Gregorio

Education & Experience: 

● Farm & Crop management experience, including knowledge of seed ordering, crop planning, and the ability to grow a variety of foods on a 1/4 acre plot, year round

Application Instructions: 

Application Procedure: Send Letter of Interest, Resume, 3 References and any other materials you wish by EMAIL ONLY to: Shawn Sears at, Laura Sears at, and Paula Alves at

Org website: Position Open until filled

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