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Farm and Community Immersion Team Member at Quail Springs Permaculture - 6046

Job Title: 
Farm and Community Immersion Team Member
Quail Springs Permaculture
35070 Highway 33
Maricopa, CA 93252
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Job Description: 

Our Farm & Community Immersion offers a 6-month residency (with possibility of extension) at Quail Springs grounded in community living and applying permaculture techniques to support our farm and holistic food systems. The experience provides extensive practical opportunities to apply everything learned in a Permaculture Design Course* through the day-to-day operations of a full-time functioning Permaculture farmstead, community, and education center. Learn how to deepen connection with yourself and others while acquiring practical skills and empowering the next steps in your journey. Participants are part of the team that is running the farm for the season and receive structured orientation into working on our Permaculture-based farmstead, living in intentional community, and supporting the endeavors of an educational nonprofit organization.

Participants gain skill & understanding, and build confidence through regular hands-on, field-based training, as well as discussions. We are searching for flexible, self-motivated individuals who embrace simple, remote, rural living. Successful applicants are curious, inclusive, comfortable in groups, creative problem solvers, and are able to manage themselves through a wide range of challenges. High energy, a good sense of humor, strong communication skills, a positive attitude, and a strong curiosity are essential attributes.

Note: We allow shorter commitments during the summer months (June through September). Please contact us!

*Certification preferred.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Participants will be exposed to the following skills:
Animal Systems:
● Basics of Caring for Goats, Rabbits, and Poultry
● Basics of Animal Husbandry
● Collecting and Storing Eggs
● Animal Processing (optional): Harvesting, Skinning, and Butchering
● Upholding Healthy Dairy Protocols for Milking

Soil & Plantings:
● Dryland Farming Techniques
● No Till Gardening
● Plant ID
● Drip Irrigation Set Up, Use, and Maintenance
● Planting and Managing for Biodiversity
● Transplanting
● Compost Pile Construction & Turning
● Application of Compost and Other Soil Amendments
● Using a Broadfork
● Cover Cropping
● Crop Rotation
● Companion Planting
● Plant Nutrition Basics
● Proper Shrub & Tree Pruning Techniques
● Integrated Pest Management
● Harvesting
● Seed saving
● Biodynamic Calendar Plantings

Greenhouse Work:
● Seeding
● Hand Watering Seedlings
● Hardening Off Plants
● Planting Greenhouse Crops

Harvest Preservation and Food Preparation:
● Root Cellaring
● Fermenting, Pickling, Freezing, and Drying
● Making Yogurt and Basic Cheeses
● Sourdough Bread Baking
● Cooking in Earthen Ovens

Additional Opportunities (as needed or as interests give rise to):
● Light Carpentry
● Maintaining Photovoltaic Panels
● Chopping Firewood
● Mushroom Inoculation
● Earthworks
● Natural Building
● Watershed Stewardship
● Beekeeping
● Working with Natural Fibers
● Other Types of Crafting

Education & Experience: 

Desire and ability to work in a community (a must!)
Ability to work within a team as well as independently on projects after adequate orientation has been given
Strong work ethic, an enjoyment of physical work, and strength & stamina
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
An enjoyment of tending animals and gardens
No allergies to animals
Good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor
Mindfulness, cultural sensitivity, and an ability for self-care & self-managing independent time
Willingness to engage in more mundane community chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
Completion of a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or experience working on a farm is highly desired
We are willing to train someone who is eager to help out and support Quail Springs in its mission

Application Instructions: 

Application is available at our website. Please take care to fully fill out your application so we may best get to know you. Once we receive your application, our staff will email you to confirm receipt. If your application is approved, we will set up interviews with potential candidates. We are hard-working farm folk, so please be patient with response time. But also don’t hesitate to check back in on the status of your application. The number of applications we receive continues to grow, and the number of available spots is small. Once a spot has been offered, we will ask for a $350 nonrefundable deposit to hold that space.

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