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Farm and Garden Work-Trader at Quail Springs Permaculture - 9118

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Farm and Garden Work-Trader
Quail Springs Permaculture
35070 Highway 33
Maricopa, CA 93252
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Job Description: 


Work-traders are part of the team that is running the farm for the season. They are oriented into working on our Permaculture-based farmstead, living in intentional community, and supporting the endeavors of an educational nonprofit organization. Participants gain skill and understanding, and build confidence through hands-on, field-based training in addition to immersion into our daily life.

Throughout the 3- to 6-months, work-traders take on increasing responsibility in specific areas and have the opportunity to mentor others in skills learned. The goal of this opportunity is for participants to gain practical, resilient homesteading skills, like no-till, dryland vegetable gardening, caring for goats and chickens, and baking bread in earthen ovens, all while fostering personal connection and growth in a supportive, community-based environment.

The farm team meets twice a week to talk about farm tasks. Daily chores that are divided between farm team members include: milking goats, tending the poultry, moving grazing cells across the landscape for the goats, watering and maintaining the greenhouses, irrigating annuals and perennials, cleaning animal pens, and working in the garden.


This opportunity is geared specifically for those deeply drawn to working and integrating long-term into community. Participants are fully included in Quail Springs community activities. This includes attending our regular Tuesday Town Meetings, assisting in hosting various courses and groups, signing up to cook dinner or wash dishes 2-3 times/week, and participating in regular communal tending, e.g. doing kitchen laundry, tidying & cleaning the various common spaces, chopping firewood, and other projects that come up.

Farm and garden tasks are a daily focus for work trader volunteers and select staff, while other community members and staff spend their days focused on other tasks (e.g. facilities, education, programming, administration).

Weekly Expectations

Farm and garden work and community tasks will roughly total 35 hours per week over 5 work days. Each work trade volunteer will have two days off per week. Working early mornings will be regularly required.

Off-grid Living

Cellphones do not receive service. And as a fully off-grid community in a remote location, our community phone and internet services are very limited. Furthermore, we are dependent on our photovoltaic panels. Consequently, we have to be flexible about which machines we use on cloudy days. If any of this is a concern please speak with us about what is available.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Animal Systems:
Basic Care of Goats and Poultry
Basic Animal Husbandry
Collecting and Storing Eggs
Milking/Upholding Healthy Dairy Protocols for Milking
Animal Processing (optional): Trapping/Hunting, Harvesting, Skinning, and Butchering
Hand Watering Seedlings
Planting Outdoor/Greenhouse Crops

Education & Experience: 

No experience is welcome. This opportunity is what you make it. Successful candidates take a “participant” attitude over “observer.”

Desire and ability to work in a community (a must!)
Ability to work within a team as well as independently on projects after adequate orientation has been given
Strong work ethic, an enjoyment of physical work, and strength & stamina
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
An enjoyment of tending animals and gardens
No allergies to animals
Mindfulness, cultural sensitivity, and an ability for self-care & self-managing independent time
Willingness to listen actively and speak authentically & honestly
Good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor
Willingness to engage in community chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.)
Completion of a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or experience working on a farm is highly desired
We are willing to train someone who is eager to help out and support Quail Springs in its mission

Application Instructions: 

Online application at

Please take care to fully fill out our online application so we may best get to know you.

If your application is approved, we will set up interviews. We are hard-working folks, so please be patient with response time! But also don’t hesitate to check back in on the status of your application.

We highly recommend planning to come out for a day (or night if a host is available) to see if it feels like a good fit.

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