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Farm Co-Director (animal systems) at Quail Springs - 12709

Job Title: 
Farm Co-Director (animal systems)
Quail Springs
35070 Highway 33
93252 Maricopa , CA
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Job Description: 

The Farm Co-Director (Animal Systems) oversees the animal systems (currently a 25 goat herd and 60 chickens), by collaborating and working directly with the core farm team and farm work traders. Oversight includes maintaining health and productivity of each system through improved designs and strategies created and implemented with the farm team and community. There is ample room to improve tracking systems and reorganization of farm records and documentation. A significant aspect of this position is also the management and guidance of the farm team in regards to animal chores. The Farm Co-Director (Animal Systems) works closely with the Farm Co-Director (Plant Systems) and the Hosting Director (who manages the farm work trade program).

This position is largely self-directed and the right candidate will be able to work independently as well as in collaboration with the community.

This position is approximately 30 hours per week, with some weeks being more. The successful candidate is self-directed and thrives with a shifting workload. In addition to the 30 hours per week commitment, we all share in community responsibilities and dinners. The person hired for this position will live and work in the Quail Springs community setting, where there are anywhere from 10-25 other people living and working on the land. The site is remote, with limited communications (no cell reception and the internet and phone service are limited to the central office area).

Duties & Responsibilities: 

Maintain and track health of animals
Manage and teach farm work traders in conjunction with the Farm Co-Director and the Hosting Director
Understand livestock needs, including food, shelter and care
Take a significant part in chores including milking, hoof trimming, record keeping, gardening, butchering, pen cleaning, and more
Meet community milk, egg, and meat goals
Manage browsing and rotation of goats and chickens
Teach animal-based portions of workshops and courses
Participate in weekly farm and community meetings

Education & Experience: 

1+ years managing large farm animals and poultry
Management or supervisory experience
Ability to create an inspiring and motivating work environment
Clear and effective communication skills (in-person and online)
Flexibility to changing work hours and projects
Ability to create and manage your own schedule
Self-directed and takes initiative on work and projects
Experience butchering animals or the willingness to learn
A strong spirit of volunteerism and willingness to engage in community chores (laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.)
Enthusiasm for living in community and working collaboratively
Cultural sensitivity and commitment to dismantling systems of oppression
Permaculture experience or PDC Certification is a plus
LGBTQ+ folks and BIPOC are encouraged to apply

Application Instructions: 

Please go to our website to apply.

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