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Farm Coordinator at Rejuvenation Therapeutics - 4313

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Farm Coordinator
Rejuvenation Therapeutics
Descanso, CA
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Job Description: 

We currently are looking for a driven farm coordinator to join our team. Experience with permaculture, orchards, organic certification, greenhouse work, field work including planting, harvesting, irrigation repair, tractor work, managing staff and events, and coordinating with the office, are a plus.

This is a full time position in Descanso, San Diego County. The ability to live on the property is desired.

If you have knowledge or experience in one specific aspect of farm maintenance, consider applying. Multiple positions are available. A team will likely be required for the various projects that will take place on the property.
Practical experience with farm activities.
Solid understanding of current crop cultivation and animal husbandry practices
Able to problem solve and apply solutions to problems that arise
Ability to think on their feet and adapt to changing situations
Must be able to communicate well and listen to team members
There are many more specific responsibilities based on which projects you are involved in. Those will be explained and expressed to you prior to employment and as new projects come up.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

The farm coordinator's main responsibility will be to conduct activities on a private farm property. There are multiple positions available. Each position will need to fulfill at least one of the following farm activities;
Lead the effort in housing and caring for horses
Lead the effort in housing and caring for large dog breeds
Maintain the integrity of the land itself
Oversee the cultivation of various plants and crops
Work hours as necessitated by current projects
Potential opportunities to do research on projects that you're passionate about
Create a comprehensive budget

Education & Experience: 

Animal Husbandry: 2 years
Farm based: 2 years

Application Instructions: 

Send your cover letter and CV to

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