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Farm Crew Positions at Say Hay Farms - 4303

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Farm Crew Positions
Say Hay Farms
19182 CR 87B
Esparto, CA 95627
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Job Title: Farm Crew

Works as a team under the supervision of the Harvest Lead or Farmer.


Performs all harvest and post-harvest duties of vegetable crops in year-round conditions.

2) Assists in daily operations of chicken care, egg washing, and packing.

3)  Observes and communicates crop and field conditions.

4) Operates with a sense of urgency and efficiency during busy times.

5) Assists is recording data about yield and time.

Duties & Responsibilities: 


Say Hay Farms started in 2010 with just two acres and 100 hens.  We grew as fast as we could to the smallest size we felt was economically viable. We now farm two properties totaling 50 acres, yielding about 40 acres of annual vegetable production, 1600 pastured laying hens, and 10 acres of young citrus orchard.

Our farm is bordered with over 1000 young native hedgerow plants and relies heavily on integrated pest management and biocontrol.

Our goal is to meet much of our fertilization needs through our pastured hens and cover crops, supplemented with heavy compost applications and manure-based fertilizers when necessary. 

Our farm business strategy is to have the equipment and systems necessary to operate efficiently with a small team, the data to make informed planning decisions, and the skill and attention to detail needed to execute those plans successfully. 

Having grown for a small 60-member CSA, restaurants, farmers’ markets, independent grocers, co-ops, and wholesale distributors, we are currently on a trajectory towards focusing on the latter.

The Farm Crew position is open to greenhorns and nascent farmers (0-2 years) seeking to deepen their knowledge, responsibility, and skills.

We are a young, evolving farm and looking for the right people to help support our growth as we help you grow into a seasoned farmer.

Education & Experience: 


1) Experience on a for-profit diversified vegetable operation preferred.

2) Basic knowledge of vegetable crops, seasonality, and growing techniques.

4) Good communication skills a must.

5) Ability to work early, long, and hard.  Weeks averaging 50 hours for full time, but will vary with season’s demands and weather conditions.

Application Instructions: 


Interviewing now. 

Starting Time Frame:  As soon as possible. We are seeking the right people and will do our best to meet your needs.

This position is year-round employment.


Please email a brief cover letter, resume, and references to with the subject title “Farm Crew.”

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